Rediscover the Joy of Socializing with SOURZ by Spinach™ Cannabis Edibles


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SOURZ gummy edibles not only taste great but are packed with dual-flavours designed to Blast Your Senses and be shared with friends.

As you put your pandemic hibernation behind you and soak up the rest of summer, the opportunity to rediscover your social life and see friends for unfiltered fun is finally here. Whether you’re at the park, beach, or in the backyard, you may be looking for a little something extra to elevate your reunion. Introducing SOURZ by Spinach™ cannabis gummies – the answer to enhancing quality time with your circle of friends.

The changing social landscape means more people are incorporating cannabis into their everyday lives. Yet, they’re opting for easier and more convenient consumption options. A recent survey commissioned by Cronos Group showed that almost half (46 percent) agreed cannabis gummies are their favourite form of edibles to consume, compared with chocolates (35 percent) and beverages (14 percent).

Cronos Group, an innovative global cannabinoid company, recently launched SOURZ by Spinach™ gummies, which consists of a dual fruit flavour profile that is sour and sweet, giving consumers the best of both worlds. The distinctive “S” shaped, vegan gummies can be found in a range of flavours including Peach Orange (1:1 THC:CBD), Blue Raspberry Watermelon (Indica), and Strawberry Mango (Sativa). All are bursting with flavour, satisfying your cravings and elevating your senses.

The gummies were thoughtfully developed by a team of professional chefs, food scientists, and cannabis leaders to excite the taste buds while delivering a great cannabis experience. Although many acknowledge that the positive sensory effects of edibles can be compromised by an earthy cannabis taste, SOURZ’s proprietary sour-coating is able to mask the unpleasant taste, allowing users to fully enjoy the Sensorial Joyride experience.

SOURZ by Spinach friends huggingAccording to Cronos Group Chief Innovation Officer, Dr. Todd Abraham, experienced cannabis users and curious newcomers alike will enjoy SOURZ by Spinach™ gummies. “At Cronos Group, we’re committed to quality and breakthrough innovation. We know that taste is a barrier to entry in the edibles category, so we created a product that delivers a bold and delicious flavour experience. This product will be exciting for adult consumers who are familiar with cannabis edibles as well as those who are new to the category.”

Each package contains five gummies with 2 mg of THC in each gummy, making it easy to share the gummies and experience with friends. At this time the gummies are available in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, and Saskatchewan.

SOURZ by Spinach picnicWith the edible category growing, SOURZ by Spinach™ gummies are a game-changer that give Canadians a tastier option for experiencing cannabis. If you want to break the ice and safely round up all your friends again, then SOURZ by Spinach™ gummies can help you make the most of the rest of the summer.

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