Put your wallets away. This suit can only be bought with Cryptocurrency.

By Jordana Colomby

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Cryptocurrency is making its way into everyday life, and Garrison Bespoke is encouraging shoppers to hop on the bandwagon.

Written by Jordana Colomby

Garrison Bespoke, known for creating the first bulletproof suit, is back again with a twist on the classic suit. The catch? You can only buy it with cryptocurrency. Garrison Bespoke joined forces with men’s clothing brand Coppley and athletic brand, Lululemon to design new limited-edition suits for the successful, modern man. The suits are perfect for men on the go who know that proper tailoring is key. After months of testing, Garrison Bespoke has mastered a four-way stretch knit performance fabric, and from conception to production, the suits were made produced through blockchain technology.

The Action Suit Capsule has three suites priced at $1000 each and one jacket priced at $750, but put your wallets away because it’s blockchain only. Garrison Bespoke‘s new line was inspired by five of the brands clients who each represent a modern businessman in Toronto:

  • The Crypto King: Anthony DiIorio, Co-Founder of Ethereum
  • The Fintech Guy: Trevor Koverko, CEO of Polymath
  • The New Banker: Evan Kuhn, Co-Founder of Coinberry
  • The Serial Tech Entrepreneur: Michael Hyatt, biggest exited tech founder in Canadian history
The capsule features three suits ($1000 CAD each) and one jacket ($795 CAD) available for purchase online by payment in cryptocurrency only.