Purgenesis Gives Canadians a Natural Anti-Ageing System Backed by Science

By Amanda Desouza

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We believe in supporting Canadian products, not for the sake of it, but because our nation boasts some of the most top-notch brands and designers in the world. This week, a home-grown skincare brand focused on good science.

Protecting our largest organ–our skin, from various threats is vital. From environmental factors to the effects of natural ageing, our skin is up against a lot. The constant evolution of skin care products and the plethora of options available means choosing the right products to deal with these issues can be difficult.

According to Dr. Sam Hanna, medical director of Dermatology on Bloor and the president of Toronto Dermatology Society the most pressing threat to our skin is radiation, either natural or artificial.“It has been well recognized as the primary mediator of photo aging, wrinkling, discolouration and texture change over time”

“I think certainly if you only were able to block one thing, the sun protection is going to keep you younger looking and healthier for longer,” said Dr. Hanna. Yet, Canada’s extreme seasons can prove challenging for skin care, but he advises that everyone make the effort all year round. “People tend to drop off in terms of sun protection for the colder weather.”

In addition to radiation, Dr. Hanna also points to factors that produce oxidative stress in the skin like pollution and poor Western diets.

Helping to combat this issue is Devonian Health Group Inc. They have introduced a game-changer in the daily skin care space bridging the gap between pharmaceuticals, botanicals and cosmetics. The company has developed Purgenesis an anti-ageing treatment system.

The key ingredient in the formula is an antioxidant that was extracted from organic green leaves. Simple application means the line only consists of three products: a day cream, night cream, and eye cream.

While sunscreen is the first line of defense for protecting skin from UVA and UVB rays, topical antioxidants work alongside sunscreen to neutralize free radicals and protect against UV damage. An effective combination in helping to maintain healthy and youthful skin, are the powerful antioxidant properties contained in Purgenesis, along with daily sunscreen.

From conception to commercialization, the Purgenesis products are Canadian made and grounded in science.

Unlike other brightly packaged anti-ageing products, the dark packaging of the Purgenesis anti-ageing treatment is unique. The company packages its products in Miron Violetglass and has a very good reason for it. Miron Violetglass optimizes the preservation of the product’s bioactive compounds. Research shows that the bio-energy (or lack of decay) of botanical materials stored in Miron Violetglass is significantly higher than classical containers such as plastic, clear or amber glass.

Working together the products have been proven to be effective in reducing the signs of ageing and provide men and women with what Sybil Dahan, the President of Altius Healthcare, division of Devonian Health Group Inc calls, “ the basic requirements for daily skin maintenance.”

The product line was awarded Best Anti-Aging Skin Treatment Technology by LUX Life magazine. They are also recognized by the Skin Health Program™ of the Canadian Dermatology Association which signifies that the products are fragrance free, have low potential for irritation, do not contain the most common allergens and are non-comedogenic.

Nature Backed by Science

Purgenesis has been described as a cosmeceutical approach to skin care which Dr. Hanna explains as being more robust with protocols that are similar to topical medicine development.

The growing distrust of Big Pharma means there is pervasive marketing-based organic/natural products versus actual science-based natural products on the market. Purgenesis is different, the cosmetically elegant products deliver real results for both women and men of all skin types, by being naturally sourced but with a solid basis in science.

“When I think about ingredients, I want ingredients that have a rational reason for being there. I want to know what the expected benefit is. And I also want to know that they’re not going to be harmful in an irritant sense,” said Dr. Hanna.

In a clinical study the products were tested on 72 healthy female volunteers, between the ages of 35 to 72. The study spanned over 28 days and measured skin firmness, skin hydration, and different parameters for wrinkles such as the mean length of a wrinkle, total lengths of wrinkles, and the percentage of area of wrinkle reduction.

The findings showed that Purgenesis outperformed luxe skin care brands like Prevage and LaMer in all categories tested at day 28. There were significant improvements in skin hydration. There was noticeable increases in skin firmness. Lastly, there were significant improvements in visibly reducing area and total length of wrinkles.

Although, Dahan admits she is more excited about the testimonials from women using it who have validated the science. In a benchmark study they asked 12 women who used Purgenesis various questions about product satisfaction. “Their skin texture around the eyes was smoother or they felt their skin was brighter. They definitely felt that their skin was smoother, softer, but also more hydrated and firmer,” said Dahan.

For those looking to try the products themselves, Purgenesis is available to be purchased through dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and medical spas where medically trained experts can share the benefits of the products with customers.

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