Power Ball XX Mixes Willy Wonka and Contemporary Art


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What happens when you combine in equal parts Willy Wonka and contemporary art? Power Ball XX: Carousal.

Written by Mackenzie Belcastro

An evening of art, philanthropy, food and fashion, presented by Max Mara on behalf of The Power Plant, Toronto’s leading public art gallery. Here’s everything you need to know about this year’s sweetest carnival-themed art fundraiser.

When: Thursday, May 31, 2018,  from 7 pm until late.

Where: A magically transformed version of The Power Plant (231 Queens Quay West).

Theme: Carousal, of course! That means nibbling fair favourites, like corn dogs, Krispy Kreme doughnuts, and chili cheese fries. And if that’s not your thing, there’s oyster shucking, and even steak, served from a food truck, with a side of live graffiti.  Plus, take a peek through peep holes of voyeuristic booths. What’s inside? Time will tell.

Power Ball XIX: Stereo Vision, photo courtesy of Ikonica
Power Ball XIX: Stereo Vision, photo courtesy of Ikonica

Notable artists and vendors:

Bompas + Parr: Multi-sensory artists known for their unique approach to blending food (think: jelly), culture and emotion, in order to create artwork like you’ve never seen, or tasted, for that matter. They are our Willy Wonkas of today, guaranteed to bring your inner-child out to play.

DaiLoCulinary artists known for their new Chinese cuisine, prepared following the French tradition. Puzzled? Try it yourself at the pre-party, where they’re serving up just what they’re known for: dishes that are at once old and new.

Ana RewakowiczAn explorer of relations between portable architecture, the body and environment, Ana will be exhibiting a curated set of balloons with the intent of getting voyeurs to ponder the universal idea of what it means to “belong.” Or rather, what it feels like to belong.

Dominique PétrinFor an otherworldly experience, you’ll be invited to step into the vibrant room set-up by former rock musician turned multidisciplinary artist, Pétrin. Bring a drink with you; you may just find you’ve found yourself at the bottom of a psychedelic rabbit hole.

Jennifer SteinkampIt wouldn’t be the Power Ball without a little provocation and Steinkamp’s sexually charged digital installation will be doing just that, using fruit imagery to get us thinking about, well, more intimate bits.

Max Mara: The presenting sponsor will showcase its Fall/ Winter 2018 collection onsite, highlighting Italian craftsmanship, heritage and timelessness.  Also, don’t miss fashion illustrator François Berthoud‘s work which will be shown alongside.

Power Ball XIX: Stereo Vision, photo courtesy of Ikonica
Power Ball XIX: Stereo Vision, photo courtesy of Ikonica

Why you should be there:  It’s a night of extravagant mind-bending for a cause. That is, supporting one of our city’s most innovative art galas: The Power Plant. Without you and Power Ball, exhibitions and public programs—including providing support for today’s artists—become exceedingly difficult to carry out. And without them, our lives become incredibly lacklustre.

As Kurt Vonnegut said, “the arts are a very human way of making life more bearable.” So let’s support these jewels that enrich our lives by entering into a fanciful world where provocative art reigns.  

Your ticket: Tickets are now on sale online, starting at $175 for the main Power Ball party and $500 for the Pre-Party reception. To purchase tickets, group packages or to learn even more about the artists and installations, please visit powerball.thepowerplant.org.

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