Q&A: Model Tyg Davison shares insights on the fashion industry


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Tyg Davison is a sought after international model in New York, Paris, London, and Milan, and has walked the runways of fashion luminaries like Marc Jacobs, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Rick Owens.

The Vancouver-born model didn’t intend to start modeling. Instead, she was behind-the-scenes sewing dresses for her sister, Elizabeth. It was her sibling who would take the first steps onto the catwalk, where Tyg followed shortly after. Since then, she’s risen as a Canadian fashion icon, reminding the rest of the world of Canada’s growing influence on the industry.

CEO of Evio, Brandi Leifso sat down with Tyg, and here’s what she had to say..

Brandi Leifso: Tyg, we first met you when I was working in the fashion industry where I did your makeup. I instantly loved you! What has changed since we met in 2013?

Tyg Davison: I’m still learning and growing as a person. But if 10-year-old me were to meet who I am today, she would be pretty proud. That means a lot to me. Modeling is such a great way to work in other positions within the industry, so it was a great place to start. International agencies were a bit unsure of me at first. Liz Bell, my mother agent in Vancouver, really pushed for me and eventually had me placed in New York, London, Milan, Paris, Sydney, and Stockholm. Just a few months ago I moved from New York to take my first position as a booker at Plutino Models here in Toronto!

BL: I have many aspirations and too little time! What goals are you working towards?

TD: There are so many possibilities. In the next few years, I’d just like to work on developing as a strong agent and then who knows. Right now, I’m very happy where I am.

BL: What do you feel are some of the challenges of building a brand in your industry?

TD: I think [building a brand] in any industry is difficult because you’re constantly working to prove yourself but as a model, the [brand] you’re developing is yourself. You have to be strategic all the while traveling the world and taking care of yourself. It’s a big undertaking for a teenager that’s never left home before but at the end of the day, modeling is a profession like any other and business-minded people are going to succeed.

BL: A motto that I live by is ‘do the right thing even when no one is looking.’ What is a piece of advice you would offer young girls entering the profession?

TD: I would say to any young girl, strive to be a beautiful human, not a beautiful face. Love yourself as you are and leave others feeling good after having a conversation with you. Speak the truth and always tell people that you love them when you have the chance.

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