MIURA’s Japanese Iced Coffee Elevates A Classic

By Holly Walker

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If you think you know iced coffee, think again — MIURA’s Japanese Iced Coffee is redefining a classic.

We’ve all heard of iced coffee and the cold brew craze that’s been trending, but MIURA’s Japanese Iced Coffee is breaking tradition with it’s unique brewing process.

Unlike traditional iced coffee that’s brewed with cold water, MIURA Coffee is brewed hot, then “flash-chilled” to lock in the flavours. The Result? Smooth notes of vanilla and caramel from the Nicaraguan bean that subtly surprises the palate.

Named both after Miura Yoshitake — a coffee shop owner in Japan who pioneered the concept of canned coffee in 1965 — and MIURA’s founder, Adam Lewis’ own Japanese heritage, it’s the first of it’s kind offering a premium ready-to-drink coffee experience.

MIURA has two flavours; Classic offers familiarity while Nitro has a silky finish. Each can is equivalent to 1.5 cups of coffee making it ideal for an on-the-go morning, post-workout drink, or mix with an espresso martini to relax at the end of the day; the possibilities are endless.

Hint: If you’re drinking MIURA Nitro, shake, then slow open and pour fast into a glass for a visual delight as the Nitro pours out.

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