Unveiling Johnnie Walker Blue Label Elusive Umami


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Johnnie Walker, the world’s foremost Scotch Whisky brand, has once again pushed the boundaries of innovation with the launch of the Johnnie Walker Blue Label Elusive Umami. This pioneering expression takes inspiration from the enigmatic “fifth taste,” umami, and represents a bold leap into uncharted flavor territories.


In a collaborative feat of expertise, Master Blender Emma Walker and world-renowned Chef Kei Kobayashi embarked on an epicurean odyssey to create an exquisite Blended Scotch Whisky that captures the elusive essence of umami. This sought-after taste, often described as savory and mysterious, has long been an enigma in the world of flavor.


The result of this culinary journey is nothing short of a masterpiece. The Johnnie Walker Blue Label Elusive Umami is a carefully crafted Scotch whisky that offers a captivating dance of sweet and savory notes. With the first sip, you’ll experience the gentle embrace of blood oranges and red berries intertwined with sweet wood spice. A touch of smoked meat adds an alluring and tantalizing depth, followed by a hint of salt and pepper that awakens your senses. The grand finale is a lingering, sweet fruit finish that invites you to savour each moment.

Photo courtesy of Johnnie Walker

Crafting this exceptional elixir is an art that demands precision. Only selected casks from both inland and coastal distilleries, at the peak of their maturation, are chosen to impart their unique umami profile to the blend. It’s an arduous process, with just one cask out of every 25,000 deemed worthy of bringing the elusive umami character to life.


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For Emma Walker, Johnnie Walker’s Master Blender, the creation of Johnnie Walker Blue Label Elusive Umami was more than just blending; it was a gastronomic exploration. The key to this exceptional Scotch Whisky lay in embracing the intensity of the umami flavor, a task she and Chef Kei accomplished with perfection. To unlock the full depth of this unique sensory experience, Walker recommends savoring this exquisite creation neat, alongside a serving of caviar.

Photo courtesy of Johnnie Walker

Chef Kei Kobayashi, whose renowned Parisian restaurant, Kei, retained its three Michelin stars in the 2023 Michelin Guide, describes umami as possessing a mysterious quality that ignites the senses. The umami captured in Johnnie Walker Blue Label Elusive Umami allows you to immerse your palate in an exquisite Scotch Whisky of subtle richness, revealing layers of taste, complexity, and depth.


Julie Bramham, Global Brand Director of Johnnie Walker, believes that this limited edition release represents their commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of whisky. The partnership with Chef Kei aims to ignite intrigue and excitement, enticing a new generation of whisky enthusiasts. It elevates the traditional drinking moment, transforming it into an immersive experience that tantalizes all the senses.


To experience Johnnie Walker Blue Label Elusive Umami is to embark on an extraordinary journey of flavor discovery. With every sip, you’ll encounter the gentle embrace of apple and white peach, followed by a sweet, smooth cascade of mandarins, blood oranges, and red berries. The symphony continues with sweet wood spice, a hint of smoked meat, and warming salt and pepper. The journey culminates with a long, sweet fruit finish that lingers on the palate, creating an unforgettable and unique sensory adventure.

Photo courtesy of Johnnie Walker