How Bertrand Nembot and Billdr Are Democratizing the Housing Market

By Margaux Perrin

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Re-imagining the real estate industry is not an easy task, but that’s what Bertrand Nembot set out to do back in 2010. Now, 12 years later, Nembot has successfully carved out a path to make the world of real estate more accessible. 

In 2018, Nembot accomplished his entrepreneurial dreams by building Billdr, a company bringing the world of construction and technology together to make renovations easier for homeowners. 

“There’s so much value that technology can bring, not only to improve the experience for homeowners but for construction professionals as well,” says Nembot, co-founder and CEO of Billdr. 

While in his second year as an engineering student, Nembot realized that entrepreneurship was his calling. With that clarity in mind, he dipped his toes into the real estate world only to be defeated by the unattainability of the industry. That’s why years later, in 2018, he was determined to build a company that relied heavily on technology in order to offer a smooth journey for his clients undertaking a home renovation.

“I revisited the real estate and construction industry under the technology umbrella and started to dive into the world of protech and construction tech more specifically,” says Nembot.  

Nembot, a BIPOC entrepreneur, actively seeks to surround himself with a team of people from diverse backgrounds that encourage an array of perspectives.

“We have to acknowledge that the real estate and construction industry is not very diverse. I’m one of the rare Black tech founders in the construction technology space,” says Nembot.

In order to be innovative and creative, it’s crucial to have a diverse team of people who, together, can come up with the best solutions to ensure a company’s success. Nembot shares that one of the reasons his company has been so successful in building such a strong and dynamic team.

“You want to innovate? Foster diversity of thoughts. You want to foster a diversity of thoughts? Bring a diverse team around the table, and they’ll tackle any given problem,” says Nembot.

Today, Nembot and his team at Billdr are progressively evolving and adapting to the real estate market and demands by making technology their main resource. 

My ambition is to create the largest global company in the construction technology industry,” says Nembot.

From engineering to entrepreneurship, Nembot has spent years trying to pierce through the real estate industry and has emerged to be a renowned tech innovator in his field. Today, Nembot and Billdr are working to create a Canadian real estate market that reflects the company itself: a place as accessible and diverse as the country in which it was founded.

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