Gucci Equilibrium Finds the Balance Between Aesthetics and Ethics


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Gucci is helping make the world a better place through their new portal, Gucci Equilibrium.

Written by Jordana Colomby

Step inside Gucci Equilibrium, a virtual space where the luxury Italian brand is spreading its plans to create a more sustainable and eco-friendly company. Just in time for World Environment Day, Gucci launched the site, calling it a “collection of all our values, positive instincts and ambitions.” Those values include finding a balance – or equilibrium – between aesthetics and ethics. The brand will not compromise the quality or beauty of their products but the team is committed to helping the environment.

Online, everyone is welcome to track the company’s progress and hold them accountable for their actions when it comes to creating a more sustainable brand. Their Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility Policy along with international guidelines and policies are online for anyone to read.

Even though the portal is new, the values have been in place for a while. And the brand is already making great strides. Gucci is governed by a Culture of Purpose, which dictates how the company spends time, resources and energy. Earlier this year, the brand was lauded in the press for going fur-free. Some of the other changes they’ve already implemented include using scrap-less leather and responsibly-sourced gold.

Marco Bizzarri, Gucci President and CEO, wants the company to embraces and promote eco-friendly values and help move the world toward these goals. “Gucci Equilibrium is about us spreading that energy and that positive intent to everyone who loves our brand,” Bizzarri says. “These are critical times when we can all play our part in helping to deliver on the UN Global Goals and the Paris Climate Agreement. The only way to do that is by bringing people together, sharing ideas, innovation and experiences. This is the objective we have set for Gucci Equilibrium.”

Go online to see the ways Gucci is pioneering the fashion world towards a better future.