Grayson Music Group’s Bridget Flynn is Diversifying the Industry

By Brennan March

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]It’s easy to forget that behind your favourite songs are more than just your favourite artists. While romanticizing  a singular creative genius is common in the industry, the music you love often comes from a large team of professionals working together to help that creative vision come to life. Producers, songwriters, engineers, publishers making it available to stream, and many others all work together to bring music to you in media. Behind all those talented people is the woman making sure all that creativity is directed organically, coherently, and equitably: Grayson Music Group’s CEO, Bridget Flynn.

Grayson Music Group is a world-renowned music conglomerate specializing in music and sound across film, television, and advertising, which has no doubt provided the soundtrack to your favourite shows, movies, ads, and creative projects. Flynn has led the company through a period of emphasis on cultural diversity, equitability, and thought-out intent behind representation. The multiple divisions of the conglomerate are united in their passion for music and emerging technologies to create innovative and unique music.

Before joining Grayson Mathews in 2009, Flynn was divided between Toronto and New York City as a freelancing producer before setting up shop at the internationally renowned commercial production company Untitled Films. After producing several award-winning campaigns with the likes of world-renowned directors Tim Godsall, John Mastromonaco, and the Perlorian Brothers, Flynn decided to take her skills and join Grayson.

Female executives such as Flynn are rare – C-suite positions in the top 70 leading music companies are 86 percent male and 86 percent white, leaving very little room for women despite recent pushes to democratize and diversify the industry. Women are tremendously underrepresented in the music industry, with only 21 percent of Billboard Hot 100 hits over the past decade comprising women songwriters and artists. In a study funded by Spotify in 2021, only 2.8 percent – yes, you read that right – of producers in the industry are women

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Flynn’s more than 20 years of experience in the businesses is characterized by championing equity while supporting independent artists and keeping them in control of their own monetization.

“Grayson Music Group has long been about harnessing our network and infrastructure to promote and build the value of music, artists, and copyright,” states Bridget Flynn. “At the onset of the pandemic, we realized our niche ability to support artists by building a collaborative space to create and monetize their music, not bound by demographic restrictions.”

Flynn has grown Grayson from 15 to over 40 employees along with a large cohort of contractors while launching several new companies and divisions, including The Music Assembly, the Wilders and SNGL – making sure to put other like-minded women in the driver’s seat along the way.

Launched in 2022, SNGL comprises creative directors, and songwriters, along with award-winning producers and A&R managers, to develop a global ecosystem of creators. The mission is for a future of music and monetization that provides artists independence with direct access to revenue streams – built by artists for artists, SNGL democratizes music production and distribution around the world.

SNGL has already built a strong community and placed co-written songs by the likes of Delaney Jane and Molly Moore in sync licensing with Reddit, the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, Grey’s Anatomy, ESPN, and Winners, just to name a few.

Most recently, Flynn has expanded the long-form audio company The Wilders to Los Angeles, expanding Grayson’s global brand and premiering 4 films at TIFF in 2022. Paired with The Music Assembly, an online music licensing platform and catalogue with over 2500 copyright titles, Flynn is creating a community of people under the Grayson banner who share values of integrity and craft in music, and whose respective companies exert positive change in an imperfect industry.

Fostering collaboration and mentorship with the most talented and innovative minds in music, Flynn is building Grayson to house artists, composers, and producers that reflect the diverse communities who listen to them. By empowering artists to take control of their monetization, Flynn ensures the increased diversity is also reflected in personal control over artistry.

The company’s mission is to make music that matters to people – Bridget Flynn wants the diverse people on that list reflected in Grayson, where empowering independent artists is the key to innovation.

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