If You Like Black Mirror, You’ll Love Funhouse

By Stephanie Philbin

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Our wind-down recommendations are a great way to forget about a grueling work day. This week, immerse yourself in another world designed entirely by local and Canadian artists. 

When: On now until September 22nd

What it is: Funhouse Toronto is much more than an Instagram pop up shop. Local Toronto artists collaborate with Canadian singers for a powerhouse maze of Canadian art that you submerge into; it’s a modern day Wonderland.

Where it’s located: 101 Lisgar St, Toronto ON

Why visit:  Not only is Funhouse a new sensory experience like none other and has its very own app for VR and interactive experiences, but its created entirely by local Toronto artists like Paul Jackson and Ness Lee plus all Canadian singers like Lights, Bad Child and The Beaches.


Over a year in the works, Funhouse is now a fully immersive interactive experience. Each room is created by a local artist in collaboration with a Canadian singer/band and is much more than a place to take cute photos in. The detail gone into each room is spectacular and meant to be looked at closely or details can be missed. You start in a 1940s themed hotel and have the choice of how to begin. Do you choose the wardrobe or the elevator? 


From start to finish this space invites you to touch, smell and explore throughout. Each room is designed with different colours, sounds and feelings that will be evoked as you travel throughout, phone in hand to use the app that brings installations to life, you will be transported to another dimension of art and music.

My personal favourite room was designed by Paul Jackson and Bad Child called Free Trial, if you are a big fan of Black Mirror like I am then this is a must see. Bad Child describes the room as centring on the idea of human relationship and how in a modern context, people can utilize each other. It is focused on a dinner table, which is where most relationships take place, walking in you sit down at the table and then the fun starts and the simulation begins. This room inspires curiosity and makes you ask more questions than it answers, from the static on the televisions to the AR paintings on the wall, this room welcomes you to be immersed in it all.

Grab your friends and head travel down the rabbit hole to wonderland. Take some cute photos, see beautiful art installations and hear great music before summers end!

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