Five finalists set out to get your votes for a chance at an unforgettable experience

By Marjan Asadullah

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Five groups of four friends are selected as finalists; you vote and one will get to experience an adventure of a lifetime from St-Rémy.

Sometimes a dose of laugher with friends is all someone needs to get their mind off from a stressful day of work or studies. St. Remy, the icon of Brandy, took up the task of reconnecting friends as they create new memories and experience new adventures with its new What Good Friends Are Made Of contest.

After a six-week submission period and countless entries, the five contest finalists, consisting of four groups of friends in each group, have come one close to their dream adventure. The five group of friends enjoyed a special casting session in Toronto on Jan. 12 and 13 where they talked about how they all met, what their friendship means to them and how they defined a good friend. The four friends submitted their photos and videos on December 12. 2018.

Now you, yes you, the public, get to watch the videos of a casting sessions and vote for the group of friends that you think deserve a get-away together and be part of a future St. Remy campaign.

The brandy, created in 1886, was made exclusively from elegant wines which are harvested from the most prestigious win-growing region in France, such as Burgundy and Champagne. St-Remy brandy, kept to age in a French barrel to preserve the smooth and delicate flavour, has a history of creating adventures and creating memorable moments.

The grand-prize winning team will experience an unforgettable weekend, with an array of exciting adventures like dogsledding along Quebec’s Saguenay Fjord, getting up close and personal with polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba or have some fun in the sun with a beach vacation in Miami — just to name some.

The five finalists of the St-Remy What Good Friends Are Made Of contest want you to vote for your favourite group of friends. The final day to cast votes is February 8, 2019.

For more information on how to cast your vote, visit sent a group of friends on an adventure of a lifetime

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