Female Founders: The Concierge Club’s Monica Gomez

By Christina Gonzales

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Beyond her role as the founding director of The Concierge Club, a luxury full-service events and experiential marketing agency, Monica Gomez is also a wife, mother of two, philanthropist, and businessperson.

Written by Christina Gonzales
Photo by Francisco Garcia

All of that and she still manages to run a growing team of eight with a calm demeanour and can-do attitude, motivating everyone around her to strive for nothing but the best. In our first installment of Female Founders, we sit down with Gomez to discuss her leadership style, finding a balance between motherhood and entrepreneurship, and why successful women in business always maintain a diversified investment portfolio.

On her leadership style:

“I definitely spend a lot of my time inspiring my team; I make sure that the whole team is successful, because if they succeed, then the whole company succeeds. [It’s important to me] to make sure that everyone feels appreciated. Telling your team they’ve done a great job and acknowledging the work that they’ve put in actually makes them work a lot harder. I treat everyone as an equal. Every single job in the company is important, we run a well-oiled machine together.”

On her investing approach:

“The broker I work with, who helps me with my stock portfolio, has been in the business for over 35 years, and the return on my investment portfolio has been over 500% in the past three years. I’m attracted to like-minded individuals, which has led me to invest in fintech companies and real estate in up-and-coming neighbourhoods. One of the key recipes to my success has been working with a broker who has helped me with risk assessment and due diligence. The point is, if you’re going to be successful, you can’t just do one thing; you can’t put all your eggs in one basket. Learning how to invest is as important as running a successful business.”

On the balance between career and motherhood:

“As a mom, I would like to be around my kids more, but at the same time, I’m building The Concierge Club. My financial success is for them at the end of the day. I was working from the hospital after I gave birth; I never took maternity leave, and that was my decision. But everyone’s entitled to their own decision. Do whatever feels right for you, and don’t listen to the noise. No matter what, people will have an opinion. If you feel like staying at home and spending time with your kids, do that because that is what’s right for you. If you feel like you want to continue along your career path, then you’re entitled to that too.”

On prioritizing happiness:

“My family is my happiness. Everything else that comes in life is great, like financial success, but money comes and goes. You can have it today, and it can be gone tomorrow. We control our own happiness, so if we focus more on what makes us truly happy as opposed to materialistic things, the world would be a better place.”