EV Hypercars Worth Getting Revved Up About

By Justin Mastine-Frost

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]As deep-rooted in internal combustion performance as the world of supercars, hypercars, and motorsport is, it is also an industry fuelled by innovation. We’ve watched the standards of performance skyrocket over the last few decades, and with advancements in hybrid and electric powertrain technologies, it didn’t take long for the idea of electric propulsion to take hold with the world’s top automakers. The logic is simple. Electric motors deliver immediate torque at a rate that fossil-fuel-powered engines can’t keep up with. Batteries can be packed into the chassis tub to keep an electric hypercar’s centre of gravity extremely low, and as battery technology improves, weight concerns are falling by the wayside—as are qualms about range. The pool of poster-worthy EV hypercars is ever-growing, but at present, here are a handful of the industry’s top contenders.

Lotus Evija

Destined to deliver this year, with only 130 examples being produced, the Lotus Evija claims two world records as it comes to market. Powered by four electric motors, the 2,000 horsepower Evija is the most powerful production car to ever grace public roads. Weighing an extremely modest 1,680kg, it is also the lightest EV hypercar to hit the market thus far. Records are meant to be broken, so given how contested this segment is, we have to wonder how long Lotus will be able to hang onto these titles, but even if it’s outdone it will be quite some time before the Evija is seen as anything less than astounding. With a list price north of $2M, this is to be expected.

Lotus Evija with front doors open. Image provided by Lotus.

Rimac Nevera

Unlike the other contenders in this list, Rimac is quite a new company that has only ever built EVs. Their first electric hypercar hit the stage of the Frankfurt Auto Show in 2011, and it’s been a steady push ever since. Its latest creation is the Nevera—a 1,914 horsepower behemoth capable of a 0-100 km/h sprint in 1.97 seconds, and a claimed top speed of 412. The Croatian firm made waves quickly, receiving a 24 percent buy-in from Porsche, and in early July the pair announced the acquisition of Bugatti. With this kind of power play in the works, we can expect big things from the boutique hypercar builder in the coming years.

an electric car, the rimac nevera
The Rimac Nevera. Image provided by Rimac.

Mercedes-AMG ONE

This is technically powered by a hybrid driveline, however, given that the majority of the grunt is supplied via lithium over gasoline they are deserving of a spot on this list. The Mercedes-AMG ONE started as an engineering exercise before beginning a slow crawl to production. The idea is an ambitious one; how does one modify a Formula One driveline to power a street car? While countless automakers like to say their hypercars are “a race car for the street,” Mercedes put their money where their mouth is on this one. You’re getting the same 1.6-litre V6 mated to four electric motors, with a total output somewhere north of 1,000 horsepower. Not as powerful as the Evija or Nevera but the idea of a closed-wheel streetcar powered by the same kit that propels Lewis Hamilton to victory pretty much sells itself.

EV Hypercar, Mercedes-AMG ONE
The Mercedes-AMG ONE. Photo provided by Mercedes-AMG.

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Koenigsegg Gemera

EV hypercar performance that seats four? You’re looking at the best option with the Gemera. Its long pair of doors fools fellow motorists into believing this could be a two-seater, as does its 0-100 acceleration time that just barely beats out the Rimac (1.9 seconds). That’s no small feat considering its increased size and power deficit. One would never think to consider 1,400 horsepower to be “modest,” but the Gemera’s nearly 600 horsepower deficit makes its performance data that much more impressive. Warp speed to dinner with three friends? If you can stomach a sticker price above two million, the Gemera’s the best way on earth to do it.

EV hypercar Koenigsegg Gemera
The Koenigsegg Gemera. Photo provided by Koenigsegg.

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