Editors’ Picks: The JOEY Thanksgiving Meal Kit Takes the Stress out of Thanksgiving Dinner


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Item: Joey Thanksgiving Meal Kit

Price: $185–$195 depending on location

Why we love it: A Thanksgiving dinner without all the stress but still oozing with all the flavour? Count us in. Impress family and friends—within your social bubble or via social media—with this easy-to-prepare meal kit that has an elevated take on all of the Thanksgiving classics.

With 23 locations across Canada, JOEY is well-known for its upscale casual dining. This Thanksgiving, bring a restaurant-quality meal (that still boasts the flavours of a home-cooked meal) straight to your home with the carefully crafted Thanksgiving Meal Kit put together by JOEY Executive Chef, Chris Mills. Each box serves up to six people and includes the following:

  • A fall kale salad
  • Warm dinner rolls with creamy butter 
  • Oven roasted turkey breast with turkey gravy
  • Caramelized apple & sage stuffing
  • Cranberry sauce with orange zest
  • Roasted garlic mashed potatoes
  • Butter glazed harvest carrots and yams
  • Steamed broccoli and cauliflower with currants and almonds
  • Fresh baked apple and bourbon cherry pie
  • Maple syrup ice cream

In a virtual tasting of the Thanksgiving Meal Kit, Mills explained that all items are “cooked to the point of ‘just cooked’” to ensure that no flavours or moisture will be lost in the reheating process. With a simple three stage cooking process and clearly labelled instructions, the JOEY Thanksgiving Meal Kit means that no matter your cooking expertise, you’ll produce a delicious dinner.

JOEY is also offering add-ons like a sommelier recommended wine pairing box ($98 for one bottle of each: prosecco, white, red and rosé) and a freshly baked chocolate pecan pie ($28), because it’s 2020 and you deserve it.

Save yourself the risk of a dry turkey and lumpy mashed potatoes—but act soon. Pre-order your JOEY Thanksgiving Meal Kit by Oct. 4, 2020; kits are available for pickup at all Canadian JOEY locations between Oct. 9–12, 2020.

Edit: All BC Joey Thanksgiving Meal Kits are all sold out, but for other Canadian locations you can call your local restaurant to see if they’re still available for order!

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