Dew of the Gods Founder Ryan Dubs Keeps Up with the Kardashians

By Erin Nicole Davis

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Toronto-based content creator and founder of viral skincare company, Dew of the Gods, Ryan Dubs gets up close and personal with some of the most famous faces on the planet.

Following a long stint working for her famous family as their personal web and graphic designer – he developed all of the online branding for Kylie Cosmetics, becoming Kylie Jenner’s second-in-command when her brand launched in 2015. This has led Dubs to be called “the man behind the Kylie Cosmetics brand,” even making a guest appearance on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Dubs and his team still work with the family to this day – and he hints at an exciting new project in the works with the Kardashian crew.

Young woman putting on the Dew of the Gods Alive Detox Mask
Featuring Dew of the Gods’ Alive Detox Mask.

Dubs is no stranger to the spotlight. He is a TikTok star in his own right, and his name is becoming a more familiar one thanks to his mindful and inclusive skincare brand, Dew of the Gods. Dubs attributes the social media site to contributing to the brand’s success. The unparalleled branding, playful and relatable voice, and luxe ingredients also help win popularity points. With his 568,600 fans, Dubs has been able to share the behind-the-scenes of building, launching, and running Dew of the Gods to his audience. In its first year alone, the brand has shipped out over two million products, has developed long-term partnerships with Ipsy, Boxycharm, FabFitFun, and Hudson’s Bay, and has amassed over three million dollars in sales.

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Dew of Gods’ ingredients are sourced from the purest glaciers and mineral deposits on earth and the brand’s wide range of over 20 luxe blends feature the best on-trend ingredients with purposeful formulations fit for all skin types. This includes everything from the best-selling Fog Cashew Milk Cleanser or the Filla Pwmap, to the Retinol Mask, Fijifuji Collagen Vitamin Mask, and Frozé Body Scrub.

Dubs was positioned for success from an early age. “In high school, I took a course called comm tech where you learned how to build websites, use photoshops, and understand digital media,” says Dubs. “I loved the class so much and I was ‘that nerd’ who took the software home to learn it on my own because the class was going too slow for me.”

At just 17 years old, Dubs was hired by BB Canada as their full-time web designer, based on the skills he learned from comm tech class. Dubs designed and managed websites for their 11,000 clients for about two years while in high school. This career experience led to the eventual realization that Dubs wanted to pivot to working with luxury clients and brands.

Model puts on the Hyablend Glow Oil from Dew of the Gods.
Featuring Dew of the Gods’ Hyablend Glow Oil.

“I had a very tenacious tactic of finding a brand with potential, building an entire website for them without them even knowing, and sending it to them and saying, ‘hey! I made this for you! Want to buy it?’” says Dubs. “This tactic helped me get some bigger and more luxurious companies and eventually I got my first celebrity client, rapper The Game.” Dubs used The Game as leverage to get his next celebrity client, Miss United States, and kept using this tactic to get bigger and better clients, eventually including Lindsay Lohan.

This experience ultimately led to the creation of invite-only luxury and the celebrity digital branding agency Ultrabrand. At Ultrabrand, Dubs and his team work with top Hollywood A-listers, global businesses, and organizations to help build their digital brand strategy and online presence.

“During my time at Ivey Business School, I learned really sneaky/useful techniques to contact literally anyone — basically being a super sleuth to find contact info,” says Dubs. “While watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians in my Ivey dorm room I decided to find the Kardashian’s contact info and eventually got in contact with Cici Bussey, the family’s cousin who runs a lot of their businesses and [is] now a dear friend.”

Ultrabrand’s whole vision and mantra is to work with the top one percent in every field, says Dubs. And with a growing clientele, the company is doing just that.

“My mom always reminds me of that when I was four years old for Christmas, what I asked for were a CEO’s desk and a CEO’s chair,” says Dubs. “And I ended up getting it like a little kid set up of like a desk and chair. From that moment on, I feel like I knew I wanted to be a CEO, like a boss,  build my own business kind of thing.”

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