How It’s Made: CHANEL’s Tweed Couture Necklace


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CHANEL has long been a titan of industry, recognized for its impeccable craftsmanship, whimsical takes on fashion, and signature tweed fabrics. Building on this iconic textile and as an homage to its roots, the CHANEL Fine Jewelry Creation Studio has added a new masterpiece to its prestigious patrimony collection—the ‘Tweed Couture’ necklace. Inspired by Gabrielle Chanel’s iconic tweed fabric, this technical and aesthetic triumph showcases the innovative artistry of the CHANEL atelier.

Crafted from materials, including platinum, rose gold, pink sapphires, pearls, and diamonds, the Tweed Couture necklace recreates the softness and suppleness of tweed in a radiant and delicate form. The necklace’s gold structure is fully articulated with over 980 tiny hinges and joints, while the precious stones are expertly set to reveal their full brilliance. Showcased front and center is a 10.20 carat DIF type IIa cushion-cut diamond, positioned to accentuate the base of the wearer’s neck. The result? A piece of haute jewelry that reflects the intricate woven make and elegant spirit of tweed fabric.

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“The Tweed Couture necklace, which combines most of the technical challenges we had to face in 2020, was the most ambitious piece in this High Jewelry collection,” says Patrice Leguéreau, Director of the CHANEL Jewelry Creation Studio. “For example, more than 980 articulations were assembled to create the exceptional suppleness of the necklace.”

The necklace is a true celebration of the bold spirit of Mademoiselle Chanel, who made tweed a part of her fashion vocabulary in the 1920s after being influenced by the material used in English aristocracy. With its embrace of the curve of the neck and its re-imagination of the tweed weave, the Tweed Couture” necklace sets a new standard for creativity and mastery in high jewelry.

The inclusion of the Tweed Couture necklace into the CHANEL High Jewelry Patrimoine reflects the Maison’s ongoing commitment to creating exceptional and timeless works of art. As a testament to the creativity and savoir-faire of the CHANEL Fine Jewelry Atelier, it will join the ranks of other legendary pieces such as the “55.55” necklace from the N°5 High Jewelry Collection.

Scroll through the gallery below for a look into the making of the CHANEL Tweed Couture necklace. (Photography: CHANEL)

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