Introducing GLORY’s 2023 Champions of Change
In a world brimming with remarkable talents who lead by example, we’ve assembled a co-hort of outstanding Canadian individuals who are both industry trailblazers and dedicated community advocates. These leaders embody the ideals of progress, resilience, and compassion, weaving their unique narratives of success into a broader tapestry of empowerment. From shattering glass ceilings in […]

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three versions of Sarah Nurse wearing a black suit dancing against a grey backdrop
Champions of Change GLORY Media 2023
model Lauren Chan wearing a pleated nude blouse. She is holding a strand of her hair and looking to the corner.
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Donovan Bailey against a grey background and black t-shirt looking into the camera.
Woman in a brown, wide-brimmed hat smiling against a tree with glowers. She has long brown hair and is smiling.
Hamilton at the Movies