GLORY 30X30: Meet the Class of 2024


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Our annual GLORY 30X30 celebrates thirty remarkable Canadian leaders who are redefining their industries, reshaping communities, and changing the way we work and connect with each other. From tech disruptors revolutionizing their fields to artists creating cultural paradigms, the GLORY 30X30 honourees embody the definition of Canadian excellence.


Meet the 30X30 Class of 2024.


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Tara Bosch

Founder, SmartSweets

As the founder of Vancouver-based SmartSweets, Tara Bosch is not just a candy entrepreneur—she’s a visionary paving the way for the next generation of women founders. Her journey, beginning from her fond childhood memories and evolving into a mission to revolutionize the confectionery industry, is a testament to her boldness and ingenuity. At just 21, she left college to pursue her dream of creating a healthier candy option, a decision driven by her close relationship with her grandmother and a desire to kick sugar out of sweets.


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Philip Kim

Olympian, Breakdancing


Philip Kim, also known as B-Boy Phil Wizard, has propelled breaking into a new era with a series of groundbreaking achievements. As the world champion at the 2022 WDSF Breaking World Championships and a two-time runner-up, Kim has consistently set new standards in the sport. His historic victory at the Pan Am Games in 2023 not only crowned him as the first b-boy champion but also secured breaking’s debut at the Paris 2024 Olympics. Kim’s pioneering journey includes being the first Canadian to win the Undisputed World Series and making significant strides at Red Bull RC One World Finals, showcasing how he is reshaping breaking on a global scale.

Devery Jacobs

Actor, filmmaker


Devery Jacobs, an award-winning actor and filmmaker, has emerged as a powerful voice in Indigenous storytelling. Best known for her role in the critically acclaimed series Reservation Dogs, Jacobs has garnered praise for her authentic portrayal of contemporary Indigenous life, earning a Gotham and Critics Choice Award nomination for her work. Beyond acting, Jacobs is dedicated to amplifying Indigenous narratives through her work as a writer and director. She co-wrote several episodes of Reservation Dogs, showcasing her talent behind the camera, and her short film Rae won the Best Short Drama award at the 2017 imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival. A fierce advocate for representation, Jacobs continuously strives to challenge stereotypes and pave the way for future generations of Indigenous talent in Hollywood and beyond.

Bradley Blaylock

Founder, Common Froot

Common Froot founder and president Bradley Blaylock stands at the forefront of Canada’s 2SLGBTQ+ marketing landscape. With a decade of experience, Blaylock’s journey began as Director of Marketing at IN Magazine, where he recognized the need for authentic queer-focused campaigns. Common Froot, his brainchild, has since become a trailblazing agency, renowned for partnering with national and global brands like Absolut Vodka, L’Oréal Canada, and PUMA. Beyond innovative Pride festival support, Bradley champions year-round community engagement, raising/allocating over $118,000 for 2SLGBTQ+ charities. His relentless advocacy for genuine queer representation not only reshapes industry norms but also inspires a future where inclusive marketing practices lead to meaningful societal change and acceptance.

Lauren Howe

Media Entrepreneur


Lauren Howe is a dynamic force at the intersection of technology, entertainment, and entrepreneurship. From her roots in engineering at the University of Toronto to becoming Miss Universe Canada 2017 and placing in the Top 10 globally, Lauren’s journey defies conventional paths. She has excelled as an actress, photographer, and TV host, gracing events like the Grammy Awards Red Carpet and the Invictus Games. Passionate about impactful storytelling, she produces documentaries on women’s rights and hosts her podcast Howe To with Lauren Howe, engaging diverse voices. Lauren’s commitment to empowering youth in tech and her multifaceted career reflect her dedication to bridging innovation with media, sports, and societal change.

Kyne Santos

Educator, Drag Queen


Kyne Santos is not just a math graduate from the University of Waterloo and a Schulich Leader Foundation scholar; he is a trailblazer who has reshaped education and entertainment dynamics through his innovative approach on TikTok. With a dedicated social media following of nearly 1.7 million, Santos (who goes by Kyne as a drag queen and is known affectionately as TikTok’s “math queen”) has effectively merged his passions for math and drag, presenting engaging riddles, history lessons, and more that highlight the creativity and inclusivity inherent in mathematics.

Beyond his viral TikTok presence, Santos made waves on Canada’s Drag Race and launched the pioneering drag-STEM podcast Think Queen with Kyne in collaboration with eOne. Despite political discourse surrounding drag queens, Santos remains a steadfast advocate for diversity and acceptance, using his platform to challenge stereotypes and inspire a new generation of learners. His book, Math in Drag, in partnership with Johns Hopkins University Press, further empowers through education and advocacy, solidifying Santos’ role as a catalyst for positive change in both the mathematical and drag communities.

Jake Karls

Co-founder, Mid-Day Squares


Jake Karls has emerged as a visionary entrepreneur reshaping the snack industry with Mid-Day Squares. His journey from concept to consumer sensation has redefined indulgent nutrition. Karls’ impact is palpable, steering Mid-Day Squares to widespread acclaim for its innovative approach to guilt-free treats. His milestone achievements include scaling the company’s growth and cultivating a loyal community around mindful eating. Karls’ entrepreneurial spirit shines through in every bar, blending health-conscious ingredients with irresistible flavors. As he continues to expand his footprint in the wellness market, Karls exemplifies a new wave of business leadership, setting benchmarks in the intersection of taste, health, and sustainable growth.


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Istiana Bestari and Rachel Wong

Co-founders, Monday Girl


Istiana Bestari and Rachel Wong are redefining networking with Monday Girl, an innovative platform empowering women to advance their careers. Founded in 2017, Monday Girl has become a vital resource, connecting women with mentorship, job opportunities, and professional growth tools. Their impact extends beyond traditional networking, offering members exclusive access to industry events and workshops. Bestari and Wong’s annual Monday Girl Summit further amplifies their mission, bringing together hundreds of women for a day of inspiration, learning, and connection. Their commitment to fostering an inclusive, supportive community is transforming careers and setting a new standard for professional networking in the digital age.

Chelsee Pettit

Founders, aaniin


At just 30 years old, Chelsee Pettit’s journey is marked by bold advocacy and entrepreneurial prowess. Pettit gained national attention by challenging Walmart’s use of Indigenous syllabics, a testament to her commitment to protecting cultural symbols within her vibrant streetwear brand. As the visionary behind Canada’s pioneering Indigenous department store, aaniin, Pettit curates a platform that not only showcases her own designs but also promotes creations from fellow Indigenous artists like Lesley Hampton and Mini Tipi. Transitioning from a physical to an online presence, aaniin is set to expand its reach nationwide through innovative pop-up experiences.

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Siphesihle November


Principal, National Ballet of Canada


Siphesihle November, hailing from Zolani, South Africa, has redefined ballet with his gravity-defying prowess and dynamic performances. Trained at Canada’s National Ballet School, he swiftly ascended to Principal Dancer at The National Ballet of Canada in 2021, becoming its youngest and second Black principal. November brings a unique physicality shaped by the kwaito music of his youth, infusing classic roles like The Nutcracker’s title role and Eugene Onegin’s Lensky with innovative interpretations. His choreographic debut with “On Solid Ground” further cements his impact, challenging the historically homogeneous landscape of ballet with each mesmerizing performance, showcasing both his technical brilliance and cultural influence.

Alphonso Davies

Soccer player


Alphonso Davies, at just 23, has cemented his status as a global soccer phenomenon and a beacon of Canadian talent. As the youngest player to captain Canada’s national team, Davies has demonstrated extraordinary leadership, guiding the team to new heights, including their historic Copa America participation. His meteoric rise began with his stellar performances for Bayern Munich, where he has won multiple Bundesliga titles and a UEFA Champions League trophy. Beyond the pitch, Davies’ story of resilience—from refugee to global superstar—resonates worldwide, inspiring a new generation of athletes and elevating Canadian soccer on the international stage . 

Connor Price



A luminary of the digital age, musician and social media sensation Connor Price commands a formidable presence with over 10 million devoted followers across Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. Mastering social media trends like immersive storytelling and viral challenges, Price has adeptly navigated the digital landscape to elevate his brand and entrepreneurial pursuits. Transitioning from a successful acting career (where he worked alongside notable talents like Russell Crowe and Renée Zellweger) to follow his passion as a musician, Price seamlessly integrates his creative talents with strategic digital marketing to transcend traditional boundaries. The result? Over one billion total streams and an average of 9.3 million monthly listeners on Spotify, alone. His journey underscores the transformative impact of social media on modern entrepreneurship and artistry, solidifying him as a visionary who continues to shape and innovate within the digital realm.

Spencer Badu

Fashion designer


Spencer Badu, the creative force behind his groundbreaking post-gender streetwear label, seamlessly integrates the functional aesthetics of uniforms with vibrant Ghanaian influences, a homage to his cultural heritage. His designs not only challenge conventional fashion norms but also redefine them, emphasizing inclusivity and cultural richness with every collection. Recognized as an emerging talent by the Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards in 2021, Badu has garnered admiration from cultural icons like as Kendrick Lamar and A$AP Rocky, drawn to his innovative approach and distinctive aesthetic sensibility. Beyond accolades, Badu’s impact extends through his commitment to diversity and representation within the fashion industry. Each piece from his label reflects meticulous craftsmanship and a deep-seated philosophy of blending tradition with contemporary style. 

Sarah Nurse

Hockey player


Hockey phenom Sarah Nurse has reshaped the sport with her groundbreaking achievements and enduring impact. From her own Barbie doll to appearing on Cheerios cereal boxes, Nurse’s influence extends far beyond the rink. In 2022, she made history by surpassing Hayley Wickenheiser’s Olympic points record with an impressive 18 points in Beijing, leading her team to gold. Nurse also played a pivotal role in the inaugural season of the Professional Women’s Hockey League (PWHL), where she laced up for Team Toronto alongside former Olympic teammates. Her contributions have not only elevated women’s hockey but set a new standard for the game’s future, solidifying her as a pioneer and inspiration in sports.


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Boman Martinez-Reid

Social media entrepreneur


Boman Martinez-Reid, the trailblazing social media star, skyrocketed to fame through his engaging, reality TV satirical content on platforms like TikTok. Known for his unique blend of humour and authenticity, Martinez-Reid quickly became a viral sensation, captivating audiences worldwide. His success on social media paved the way for a transition into television, highlighted by the launch of the Crave original series Made for TV with Boman Martinez-Reid. This marked a pivotal moment in his career, showcasing his versatility and expanding influence beyond digital platforms. From graduating without a plan to signing with an agency that represents Beyoncé, Martinez-Reid’s journey epitomizes modern digital success. With a keen ability to connect with audiences and push creative boundaries, he continues to redefine media and entertainment, setting new standards for aspiring creators globally.

Bilal Baig

Actor, writer


Bilal Baig is a groundbreaking force in Canadian television and theatre, renowned for their pioneering work as co-creator, co-writer, and star of the CBC comedy Sort Of, which debuted in 2021. As the first queer, South Asian, Muslim actor to lead a Canadian primetime TV series, Baig has shattered industry barriers and redefined representation on screen. Sort Of has garnered critical acclaim and numerous accolades, including seven Canadian Screen Awards, the Bell Media Award for Best Comedy Program, and a prestigious Peabody Award. The show, which boldly explores themes of identity and belonging, concluded its impactful run in 2023, leaving a lasting legacy.


Looking to the future, Baig’s career is poised for continued impact. They are dedicated to nurturing the next generation of trans artists, as evidenced by their work to develop workshops and mentorship programs through organizations like Story Planet. These initiatives empower young people in under-resourced neighboUrhoods to express themselves through writing, visual arts, and media, ensuring Baig’s legacy of fostering creativity and confidence in marginalized voices endures.


Nia and Justice Faith

Co-founders, Révolutionnaire


Nia and Justice Faith, sisters and co-founders of Révolutionnaire, have transformed the dancewear industry with their bold advocacy for inclusivity and diversity. Through their Canadian-based company, they pioneered dance apparel designed for all skin tones, challenging industry norms and promoting representation in the arts. Their activism extends beyond business, empowering youth through initiatives focused on racial equality and accessibility. Their journey is defined by milestones like expanding product offerings and fostering community engagement. Recognized globally for their impact, the Faith sisters continue to set new standards in the dance and fashion sectors, ensuring that every dancer feels seen and celebrated.

Alysha Newman

Olympian, Pole vault


Alysha Newman stands as a dynamic force in athletics, notably excelling in pole vaulting with numerous record-breaking feats. She holds the Canadian record and has achieved podium finishes in prominent global competitions, solidifying her status as a top-tier athlete. Newman’s journey includes securing a coveted spot in the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympics, underscoring her commitment to excellence. Leveraging her athletic prowess, she strategically engages her audience on platforms like Instagram, building a robust personal brand alongside her competitive achievements. Newman’s impact transcends sports, embodying resilience and pioneering spirit while setting new standards in pole vaulting and digital influence within the athletic community.

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Chase Dobbie, Everett Vane, Cam Wilkie



Chase Dobbie, Everett Vane, and Cam Wilkie, co-founders of, have revolutionized digital marketing with their innovative strategies and entrepreneurial prowess. leads the charge in shaping the future of advertising through cutting-edge campaigns and client-centric approaches. Their agency’s rapid rise is marked by pioneering initiatives that harness data-driven insights and creativity to engage global audiences. With a portfolio spanning diverse industries, from tech to lifestyle brands, Dobbie, Vane, and Wilkie continue to redefine standards in digital marketing, cementing their legacy as trailblazers in the industry.

Justin Herlick

Co-founder, Pine


Justin Herlick, founder of Pine, disrupted the Canadian mortgage market in 2021 with a pioneering digital platform aimed at direct-to-consumer home financing. Pine’s strategic approach includes offering competitive rates by circumventing intermediaries, accelerating the mortgage process with seamless online applications. Backed by $30 million from investors like Greylock Partners and Inovia Capital, Pine boasts a $75 million valuation. Noteworthy milestones include a partnership with Wealthsimple to enhance digital mortgage offerings and the acquisition of Properly, a leader in real estate innovation. Herlick’s vision positions Pine at the forefront of fintech innovation, reshaping accessibility and efficiency in mortgage services nationwide. 

Mallory Greene

Founder, Eirene Cremations


Mallory Greene, founder of Eirene Cremations, is revolutionizing the funeral industry with a focus on affordability and transparency. Recognizing a significant need for disruption in a traditionally opaque market, Greene launched Eirene to offer straightforward, cost-effective cremation services. Her innovative approach leverages technology to simplify the planning process, making it accessible and stress-free for families.Under Greene’s leadership, Eirene is setting new standards in the deathcare industry, ensuring dignity and respect while challenging the status quo. Greene’s mission is clear: to bring compassion and clarity to an industry ripe for change.

Cole Pearsall

Co-founder; Acid League, Proxies


Cole Pearsall, co-founder of Acid League and Proxies, is redefining the culinary landscape with innovative vinegar and non-alcoholic beverage creations. His journey from the University of Guelph’s food science labs to Forbes profiles reflects his pioneering spirit in gastronomy. With Acid League, Pearsall has elevated vinegar beyond condiment status, blending science and art to craft unique flavour profiles. Proxies, their non-alcoholic line, taps into emerging beverage trends with sustainable practices at its core. Pearsall’s accolades include recognition for pushing boundaries in the industry, making him a standout among young entrepreneurs reshaping how we eat and drink.

Marissa Papaconstantinou



Marissa Papaconstantinou is a trailblazing Paralympian whose accomplishments and impact transcend athletics. Competing in the T64 category for sprinters with a limb deficiency, she has represented Canada at two Paralympic Games, reaching the finals in Tokyo 2020. Marissa’s perseverance and dedication have earned her national records and a bronze medal at the 2019 World Para Athletics Championships. Beyond the track, she is a motivational speaker and advocate for inclusivity, inspiring countless individuals with disabilities to pursue their dreams. With her powerful story and relentless drive, Papaconstantinou is not just breaking records but also breaking barriers in sports and society.


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Lizaveta Akhvledziani, Abtine Monavvari, Ben Gigone

Co-founders, Chexy


Lizaveta Akhvledziani, Ben Gigone, and Abtine Monavvari, the innovative minds behind Chexy, are revolutionizing the rental market. Motivated by the challenges renters face with traditional payment methods, they founded Chexy to transform how Canadians pay rent. The platform allows tenants to pay rent with credit cards, earning rewards in the process. Since raising $1.3 million CAD in a pre-seed round, the trio has processed over $30 million in rental payments and generated $1 million in rewards for users within their first year. Their groundbreaking platform not only simplifies rent payments but also adds value for tenants, making Chexy a trailblazer in the fintech and real estate sectors. The founders’ vision is to offer a seamless, rewarding rent payment experience, addressing a significant pain point for renters and providing a fresh perspective on financial management in the rental industry.