Carolina Herrera Unveils Scent for Men to Redefining Age-Old Archetypes

By Brennan March

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Movies, television, social media—archetypes of the “bad boy” surround us constantly and have been around for decades. Cemented in some of pop culture’s most iconic figures, attributes associated with the character type have often included a high degree of self-confidence and a free-spirited sensibility tied to power and prowess. But what does the modern manifestation of the character look like today, and what makes it layered, complex, and interesting? That’s the question Carolina Herrera sought out to answer.

“Life’s no fun if you’re not breaking the rules,” says Carolina Herrera, Beauty Creative Director at iconic fashion brand, Carolina Herrera. First released in 2019, their fragrance, Bad Boy, has embodied the notion of multifaceted, intersectional masculinity and has a rich history that connects to the archetype. From Mick Jagger to Andy Warhol, the brand is well known for its dramatic style and connection to the likes of Studio 54, later designing outfits for First Ladies. 

“Bad Boy isn’t a conventional scent; it doesn’t follow old ideas of fragrance. But that’s what makes it incredibly exciting,” says Herrera. The cologne combines a mysterious blend of smoky sage and hemp, giving way to aromatic and spicy black pepper and a floral yet masculine geranium leaf. It ends with an olfactory surprise—the base unveils notes of warm leather and characterful woody vetiver.

The bottle’s design reflects a history forged at the House of Carolina Herrera, coming off the heels of the wildly successful Good Girl fragrance, which stands tall in a glamorous stiletto-sculpted bottle. The Bad Boy fragrance takes this flare for electrifying design and sculptural ingenuity to new cloud-soaring heights with their lightning bolt bottle – the perfect representation of the crisp, powerful scent it holds. The long-lasting, high-voltage scent leads to a lingering warm sensation like a lightning bolt.

In today’s cultural landscape, style is up to interpretation, intuition, and confidence. Why follow the rules when you can make up your own?

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