Canadian Design Powerhouse Alfred Sung Goes Back To Its Roots


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Celebrating 40 years, ALFRED SUNG is going back to its roots to create impeccable bespoke tailoring for women. 

Traditionally speaking, the world of bespoke tailoring has been relegated to men. Brooding cigar and Scotch lounges complemented by a stuffy master tailor have been signature trademarks of an industry that could lighten up and open its doors. Today’s new crop of tailors have recognized a need for change and are dispelling the “boy’s club” atmosphere in favour of a more inclusive space that embraces heritage through a contemporary lens to reflect the modern workforce. 

Celebrating 40 years of style, iconic Canadian brand, ALFRED SUNG, is returning to its roots to focus on what it built its reputation on: elegant, timeless, razor-sharp tailoring. With a diverse assortment of clothing options ranging from tuxedos to sport jackets, the brand is staking its flag in a market that has been underserved and neglected — women. 

“Alfred was originally known for dressing the working women of the 80’s,” says Tamara Mimran, co-president of Impeccable Clothing Company (along with her brother, Jordin), which oversees ALFRED SUNG’s couture tailoring service. “He was best known for beautiful tailoring and making a powerful suit. We wanted to go back to those roots.”

While the brand will offer its services to both men and women, it is their female clientele where ALFRED SUNG believes it can make the biggest impact. 

“Women appreciate the right fit, and that’s something that we’re going to be able to give to them because we’re customizing every product,” says Mimran. “We’re taking 42 points of measurement across the body and posture points to create a pattern unique to her in our showroom. Everybody is different and needs something that flatters.”

The term “bespoke” has lost its meaning along the way thanks to the overuse and misunderstanding of the word. Most companies on the market will use it to describe a product that has simply been altered a few times. Here, ALFRED SUNG is bringing meaning back to the word by offering an experience where clients can have a one-on-one relationship with their tailor and have a custom pattern built to the exact measurements of their body. Afterwards, the world is but they oyster. At least here, where they can then choose everything from different fabrics and lapel types to button closures and lining. 

As more women continue to enter the workforce, cultivate careers, start businesses, and occupy seats at the boardroom table, they should have a sartorial option in their wardrobes that they can feel powerful in. This might just be the solution they’ve been looking for. 

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