Brioni’s legacy is its sustained excellence in Men’s fashion

By Christopher Metler

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How Italian fashion brand, Brioni, continues to safeguard the elegance, tradition, and expertise of men’s tailoring.

Written by Chris Metler

What defines an incredible suit? It’s a worthy question. Every man needs one, after all.

With manual skill as its pivot, Brioni (available exclusively at Holt Renfrew in Canada) believes the answer reflects a piece which caresses the body lightly and molds the silhouette with absolute precision. One that creates a harmonious dialogue between you, your personality, needs, and desires.

Brioni suits


Brioni craftsmen are considered boundless heralds of the men’s tailoring art. Privy to a selection of more than 800 fabrics — encompassing the rare and unique to the more classically elegant and traditional — every suit is the result of a painstaking process unique to the company, requiring 220 steps and over 22 hours of effective workmanship. Under the authority of these masters, each ensemble gets brought to life thanks to at least 6,000 meticulously hidden stitches made by hand. Impressive, to say the least.

With Brioni Bespoke, the house further invites clients to uncover the new world of custom-fit, made-to-measure tailoring. Under the stewardship of a virtuoso in-house garment-maker, the program first affords clientele the chance to control every elemental detail of their outfit’s architecture — the fabric, the cut, the style, the shape, the buttons, the lapel, and the lining — resulting in an inherently singular item of artistry stitched to truly encapsulate the essence of the wearer in sartorial form.


From the initial cutting to final ironing phases, a Brioni outfit represents not only an unmatched creation, but an emblem of expertise handed down from generation to generation. Founded in 1945 on the streets of Rome, the brand has established itself as one of the great sartorial fashion houses to come out of Italy, becoming the choice of wear — and status symbol — for heads of state, business leaders, and cinematic icons synonymous with the years of La Dolce Vita to modern thespians, like Harvey Keitel and Samuel L. Jackson. Brioni’s reputation as an industry leader harkens back to its roots where they pioneered the world’s first men’s runway show, showcasing new silhouettes, colours, and innovative fabrics that paved the way for countless men’s brands that followed suit. Today, they maintain that status as guardians of a craft that requires equal parts passion, uncompromising quality, and meticulous technical expertise.


Current Brioni offerings range from USD $2,600 to $7,950 for suits and jackets, and upwards of $330 for ties and pocket squares, $1,400 for shirts and trousers, then $8,500 for outerwear.

It’s premium pricing, make no mistake. But quality at this level often yields a price that is reflective of the time, materials, craft, and care that are invested in each piece. Beyond the ultimate amplification of your wardrobe, it can certainly be argued that these are suits built to last, certainly even as timeless heirlooms that can withstand the demands that are placed on it.

Consider it an investment that will continue to pay out in dividends to come.


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