Bring Depth to Your Office with Discommon’s “Wake” Coffee Table

By Ross Vernon Dias

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The Aston Martin Valkyrie Emerges Luxuriously in Discommon’s “Wake” Coffee Table

California-based design and production firm, Discommon’s affinity for clean lines and measured flamboyance shines through in their “Wake” coffee table. Not only is it a testament to their innovative design, but it also honours one of the most highly anticipated hypercars in recent history — treat for any auto enthusiast, no doubt. The deceptively simple flat surface of the Wake’s American walnut frame is broken by the ripples of an emerging Aston Martin Valkyrie. Each limited-edition table is created after about 100 hours of 3D CAD modelling, prep and CNC machining followed by three days of sanding and hand-finishing to recreate the sinuous design of the luxury supercar in American Walnut. 


The time-intensive process reflects the complexity of the car’s design and leaves a lasting impression of its iconic status. The Wake is the first in Discommon’s Automotive Icon Table Series — which also includes coffee tables featuring a Concorde, Ford GT, Lamborghini Miura, and a commissioned Heuer Monaco — and fewer than a dozen versions of each were created by the firm. 

Remind yourself why you work so hard every time you step into your office with a table that functions as the perfect testament to diligent work. Price available upon request.

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