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Editors letter from Brandi Leifso, CEO and Founder of Evio

It feels unbelievable to me when I revisit our journey and begin to process how far we’ve come. It excites me when I think about where we’re going.

Even being here right now, in partnership with Bay Street Bull, feels like an unbelievable journey on a road well traveled. Evio Beauty was created with a mission to break stigmas and create a more conscious future. The idea was brought to life when I was living in a women’s shelter and learned first-hand of the impact that conscious decisions of strangers can have. These conscious decisions have led to positive impacts and a growing community. Evio Community is an online platform where knowledge is shared and stigmas are broken. It’s a safe, non-judgemental, inclusive space where we talk about beauty, cannabis, feminism, fashion, wellness, and work. The next few pages are a direct reflection of our mission. I’m excited to share my conversation with three women who embody the same values and are blazing their own trails.

Evio Community wouldn’t have come to life without the talent of our Content Director, Carol Pham. You can see her dedication in every word, photo, and interaction. This content is a glimpse of her vision. I hope you enjoy the community as much as I do.

It is my belief that we can create change through small, conscious, mindful actions that lead to big results. At Evio Beauty, we’re all about big results. We are in uncharted but very exciting new days.

Together, we go forward with our mission to create a more conscious future and break the stigmas that surround people from all walks of life.

Join the community and join the conversation.

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