BonLook Uses Eyewear to Showcase the Creatives Inspired by Toronto Neighbourhoods


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The neighbourhoods that Toronto is composed of have personalities that shape – and ooze out of – the people that live and work in them.

Written by Chris Penrose

This is even more apparent with creatives; you can see the signature of the places they are from, imprinted on the work they make and share.

A recent campaign by BonLook, a Montreal-based eyewear company, brought this idea to life through #BonLookTO when they partnered with four creative minds from Toronto to highlight some of the places that make the city such an inspiring place.

From every corner of the city

The vibrancy and feeling of community in Kensington Market was expressed in the style and story of visual artist Maria Qamar (also known as Hatecopy). The luxury and aspiration of Yorkville was embodied by designer Sean Brown. Taha Muharuma showcased the connection of the deep history of Leslieville to his street soul photography. To speak to the fact that many of the trends we all love about Toronto come out of the east-end, they worked with Christina Cheng, a creative producer born and raised in Scarborough.

Maria Qamar, also known as HateCopy, wears her signature BonLook frames.
Creative producer Christina Cheng wears her pair of BonLook at the University of Toronto Scarborough.

Designing the frames

Upon closer observation, it was really the layers of the campaign that made it so unique. The process started with bringing Taha, Christina, Sean and Maria out to Montreal so they could each design a signature piece for the #BonLookTO collection. They were involved in every detail of creating their frames, from colour selection and design, to the choice of materials that would be used (right down to the screws).

Continuing a commitment to local creatives, BonLook worked with Toronto photographer Wade Hudson to capture images that would be used on billboards, transit posters and in their 15 stores across Canada. BonLook also had filmmaker Jay Wills (Toronto-based as well) create video content of the four creatives in the neighbourhoods being profiled.

The brilliance of #BonLookTO is two-fold. For one, the four distinct frames become more than a pair of glasses, rather, they each hold a piece of the story of this city we love. Secondly, it stirs your imagination, regardless of the where you are from or the community you are inspired by: What neighbourhood would you choose? How would you tell that story? And what would your signature frame look like?

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