Audi Canada Champions Sustainability Through Culinary Collaboration


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Celebrating culinary savoir-faire through the lens of sustainability, Audi Canada brought together two renowned talents for an evening of delicious fare. Two-Michelin-star celebrity chef Alex Atala (of D.O.M. and Netflix’s Chef’s Plate) joined Michael Hunter of acclaimed Toronto restaurant, Antler, to create a menu that celebrated their mutual passion for hunting and foraging. 

Marrying both Canadian and Brazilian influences, the six-course meal was a dazzling celebration of sustainability, using ingredients like wild leeks and mustard greens that were foraged by the chefs before the meal, served alongside wine pairings from Ontario. The evening was finished with Atala’s famed Amazonian ant atop a maple tarte (inspired by the chefs’ exploration of Ontario’s wild.)

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Overall, the evening was a demonstration of innovation, sustainability, and the joy of food through a shared experience between two culinary greats, Audi Canada, and the guests in attendance.