A Day in the Life of Civilized’s President Terri Riedle


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A lot needs to get done in one day ‘A Day in the Life of’ follows some of the world’s most innovative leaders, and details how they manage everything from exercise to employee relationships.

Terri Riedle runs miles before most people’s feet hit the ground in the morning and it’s the only time all day she breaks a sweat. A successful cannabis media executive, partner, and mother, Riedle manages a busy schedule that includes juggling a four-hour time difference between her offices in Saint John, New Brunswick and Los Angeles, California. A rockstar multi-tasker, here’s a snapshot into how she takes care of her business, her family, and herself.

4:00am Wake up and respond to emails from the Saint John office

5:00am Walk and feed the dogs, then head to the gym. This is ‘me’ time; I listen to podcasts or watch something fun while I run.

6:00am Head home before the family wakes up; get breakfast made and lunches packed

7:30am Hop in the car with the kids and dogs and do school drop off (the pups stay with me)

8:00am Call with Saint John communications and marketing team

8:30am Meet with executive leadership team in both offices to discuss potential new hires, growth strategy, and project execution across all departments

9:15am Call with LA talent agency to discuss an upcoming partnership

10:00am Quick call with events team

10:45am Call with marketing team to go over upcoming event activation

11:30am Meeting with Chief Financial Officer

12:00pm Call with investment bankers

12:30pm Call with Saint John and LA sales teams to outline upcoming pitch

1:00pm Officially switch from coffee to water and grab a protein bar

1:30pm Meet with potential acquisition partner

2:30pm As Saint John office slows down, grab a quick lunch – usually something at my desk – and review documents and reports

2:45pm Take the dogs for a walk (great way to clear my head and get some fresh air). Usually make calls or invite someone along for a walking meeting

3:00pm Text the kids to make sure everyone is home safe and sound

3:15pm Conference call with volunteer executive board in New Brunswick

4:00pm Interview potential C-Suite candidate in Venice office

5:00pm Call with current investor to discuss potential international opportunity

6:00pm If there’s no travel or dinner meetings, head home to eat with my boys and feed the pups. Call friends and family in New Brunswick on my drive to check in

7:30pm Online banking, check social, order groceries, review kids’ school and activity schedules, and make personal appointments

8:30pm Relax with a glass of wine while Derek and I watch a show we’re streaming, and walk the dogs one last time

10:00pm Bedtime. Ready to do it all over again tomorrow


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