8 Innovative Branded Podcasts to Tune Into

By Mackenzie Patterson

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]When it comes to content marketing tools, branded podcasts have been steadily on the rise for years—and they’re still showing no signs of slowing down. As far as content marketing mediums, it’s pretty tough to compete with the almighty podcast: for starters, they contribute to a significant lift in engagement given their conversational and intimate nature.

According to data from a BBC Global News Study called Audio: Activated, brand mentions in podcasts generated 16 percent higher engagement and 12 percent higher memory encoding compared to other formats. Branded podcasts also resulted in significant increases in brand awareness (89 percent), brand consideration (57 percent), brand favourability (24 percent), and purchase intent (14 percent).

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With stats like these, it’s hard to deny the power branded podcasts hold today. If you’re hoping to gain inspiration for your own branded podcast, or just test the waters as far as what other brands in your space are doing, here are eight popular branded podcasts to tune into today:

CIBC Innovation Banking PodcastLogo of CIBC's Innovation Banking branded podcast

As one of Canada’s biggest banking giants, CIBC has produced several different branded podcasts. The CIBC Innovation Banking Podcast features fascinating conversations with startup founders and industry leaders who have made a big impact in their field, including the CEO of Hootsuite Tom Keiser and Tealbook CEO Stephany Lapierre. The podcast has garnered 100,000 downloads to date, so you can be sure you’ll learn a thing or two as you listen.

Ready Set Sell by Mindtickle

Logo of Ready Set Sell's branded podcast

In Ready, Set, Sell, hosts and sales experts Hannah Ajikawo and Tony Germinario sit down with sales practitioners, leaders, and coaching experts for in-depth conversations on the biggest challenges faced by sales leaders today. The podcast series offers tangible tips and advice for becoming a better sales leader including leveraging data, taking advantage of the latest tools and platforms, and much more.

Powering Travel by Expedia GroupBranded podcast logo for Powering Travel by Expedia

Expedia Group’s new podcast Powering Travel is all about helping travel and hospitality leaders navigate the travel industry today. In each episode, Expedia Group’s very own Brandon Ehrhardt, Senior Director of Partner Programs and Sally Smith, Senior Director of Market Management, explore the latest and greatest travel trends, hospitality secrets, and predictions for what’s coming next in the ever-evolving global tourism industry.

Contributors by CAAT Pension Plan

Branded podcast logo for Contributors Podcast by CAAT Pension PlanIn Contributors, a Canadian podcast series by CAAT Pension Plan, listeners are inspired by the tales of some of the country’s boldest and most innovative leaders today. CAAT’s Russell Evans sits down with leaders from a variety of industries like education, finance, and healthcare to learn about some of the major transformations that are taking place in the country today, and how we can work together to create a brighter future for Canadians.

New World of Work by OysterBranded podcast logo for Oyster's New World of Work program

It’s no secret that the working world has shifted significantly in recent years. As more global companies turn to remote, hybrid or distributed working models, global employment platform Oyster’s podcast New World of Work is seeking to demystify the changes we’re seeing today and find new ways to work together more effectively in this rapidly-evolving landscape. In each episode, host Rhys Black, Head of Workplace Design at Oyster, sits down with people operations leaders from some of the most cutting-edge companies today to get their take on the most effective strategies for streamlining workplaces today.

Shift Podcast: Helping You Rethink Business and Face Transformation Head-On by PwC Canada

Branded podcast logo for the Shift Podcast by PwC CanadaIn the Shift Podcast by PwC Canada, leading industry experts share their unique perspectives on what it means to drive forward transformation in this ever-evolving business landscape. Each episode will inspire you to think big when it comes to ideas for business transformation and gain a new perspective on digital trendsetting. PwC also owns noteworthy podcasts Talking Trust, which discusses the supreme importance of building trust both internally and with customers today, and Finance in 15, which offers bite-sized finance lessons perfect for your morning commute.

Transform It Forward by AxwayLogo for the Transform It Forward With Paul French branded podcast

The business world is transforming a mile a minute. In Transform It Forward, veteran business leader and CMO of software giant Axway, Paul French sits down with innovative leaders who have been part of some of the most notable industry transformations of the past few years. Hear their top tricks of the trade and dive deep into various industries like ride-sharing, the automotive sector, and the world of events.

Mission Critical by Bay Street Bull

Mission Critical branded podcast with Lance Cheung by Bay Street BullHosted by Bay Street Bull Editor-in-Chief Lance Chung, Mission Critical explores some of the most inspiring leaders, entrepreneurs, and game-changers who are challenging the status quo and making a mark on their community today, and more importantly, the strong values that keep them motivated. From Jonathan Van Ness to Jeanne Beker, guests of Mission Critical will inspire you to seek greatness in the everyday.

Mackenzie Patterson is a Toronto-based writer and journalist. You can find her writing about all things audio at Quill Inc and CoHost.

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