5 Canadian Fashion Brands Paving the Way with Ethical Initiatives

By Erin Nicole Davis

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Now more than ever, Canadian fashion brands are making headlines, as they give the stylish set something to proudly wear – and talk about. But it’s one thing to produce clothing that becomes editorial staples, makes its way to the hands of celebrities, and inspires double tap-worthy social media posts. It’s another to complement design talent with do-good initiatives, taking fashion brands well beyond their clothing and accessories offerings.

Today’s savvy shopper wants to direct their hard-earned dollars to ethical labels that are making a difference in society. A label’s backstory and values are now just as important as the design elements. In recent years, a handful of notable Canadian fashion brands have become celebrated success stories for both their sustainable and easy-on-the-eyes creations and the difference they make in supporting important causes – from the environment to mental health.

Here are five of our favourites.

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