13 Tech Accessories To Elevate Your Zoom Calls

By Rachael Masih

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Anyone working from home this past year and a half has inevitably used Zoom for at least a few, or maybe a few hundred, meetings. And for some people, these meetings will dwindle down as things get back to normal and companies invite people back to the office. For others, working remotely may be a new fact of life long after the pandemic passes, so why not make life easier and invest in zoom accessories? Especially if Zoom is here to stay.

Whether you started your own business while cooped up indoors, or your company now employs people from all over the globe, video conferencing sites like Zoom and Google Meets are moving into our lives permanently. Now that we know Zoom may be here to stay, it’s worth doing what you can to ensure your virtual meetings run as smoothly as possible.

Nothing is worse than that haunting moment when you open the app and you’re confronted with issues from poor camera quality to bad lighting to shaky wi-fi that boots you out of essential meetings. When something goes wrong in an in-person meeting it can throw you off your game and the same holds true for virtual interferences. Coming up against issues like this can take up valuable time and take away from what you have to say. 

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Don’t let technical hurdles hurt your ability to feel confident contributing to or leading meetings at work. There are gadgets and Zoom accessories that can make life on Zoom smoother for you and the people you work with. By adding a couple of these items to your cart you can live in a new digital world. One where you hop on Zoom and you don’t get unstable wi-fi messages, all the effort you put into your WFH outfit can be appreciated and everyone can hear you like you’re in the room. Whether you worked from home before the pandemic or recently went remote gearing up with zoom accessories is a great idea to keep the workday free of technical difficulties. 

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Illustration by Aleksandr Smetanov from Ouch!