13 Canadian Face Masks to Refresh Your Look


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As communities across Canada prepare to enter a new year, it’s important that we don’t forget the lessons we’ve had to learn through 2021 in order to get where we are today. If the country wants to continue to make progress towards a return to normalcy in the coming year, recommended guidelines have to be upheld. What does that mean? Continued social distancing, liberal hand washing, and of course, the proper use of face masks.


While the non-medical variety may not protect the wearer from coronavirus itself, it can help reduce the spread of respiratory droplets when worn properly and act as an effective hand-to-mouth barrier. But after months of cycling through the same meagre selection of masks, perhaps this winter, it’s time to inject your collection with both style and comfort. And in the process, why not shop local when given the opportunity? Below are 13 Canadian face mask manufacturers who make safety easy with their selections of beautiful, durable, and affordable masks.