4 New Scent-Sational Fragrances for Women

We offer you a look at the newest fragrances for women this season.  Marcel Proust reminds us of the power that scents have to transport, and by doing so, just how individual some of the most universal and general things can be. A single scent can trigger millions of emotions and passions. Fragrances this year […]

Is Men’s Makeup the New Frontier for Grooming?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] As cultural trends evolve and progress, men have begun exploring uncharted territories previously prohibited by society. Is men’s makeup the new frontier in the world of grooming? [/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]The market for cosmetics in Canada is expected to be worth USD 15.79 billion by 2021, and one of the trends contributing to this growth is the […]

Elevate Your Rec Room With These Stunning Gaming Tables

These beautiful gaming tables were meant to be admired.  When we say “game room,” what comes to mind? Hopefully not a dimly-lit basement repurposed with old furniture and a pool table that has seen better days. A rec room should invoke a sense of liberation from your daily stresses. It should be an oasis within […]

5 Art-Inspired Designs For Your Office

For the ultimate art-lover, here are five high-art pieces to elevate any office space. Incorporating art-inspired furnishings and decor into your workspace—especially if you’re an art lover—is an impactful way to liven up any workspace. Whether you’re working in a corporate, cookie-cutter building, an all-white studio that’s a temple of minimalism, or a busy WeWork […]