How the LG gram Powers Remote-First Entrepreneurs like Reetu Maz

Over the past few years, the concept of remote work has been normalized, allowing Canadians to work from home and explore other locations while still being productive. This has created a new spur of interest in the remote-first lifestyle, which allows both employees and entrepreneurs to work from anywhere, finding new opportunities for inspiration in […]

How Small Businesses Can Use AI to Accelerate Business Growth

In the past year, AI has become a pertinent topic in our lives, with the rapid implementation of tools like ChatGPT. In fact, a study from earlier this year by OpenAI found that AI will impact 80% of jobs. But what does this mean for small business owners?    In celebration of Small Business Week, […]

The Upgrade: LG’s OLED TV


How to navigate the confusing, technical landscape of TV technology. Written by Ed Hitchins OLED televisions are now the standard of what defines a great centrepiece for home entertainment, giving more life and definition to a picture than the “tube” televisions of yesteryear. But with invention comes innovation: Just like how flat screens replaced tube […]