Stuart Lombard (CEO, ecobee): Do Smart Thermostats Really Make an Environmental Difference?

In this episode of Mission Critical, we dive into the world of sustainability, innovation, and entrepreneurship with a true industry pioneer, Stuart Lombard, the visionary CEO and founder of ecobee. Stuart and Lance discuss his remarkable story of how he transformed his passion for environmental sustainability into the groundbreaking smart thermostat company, ecobee; the pivotal […]

Michael Preysman (Founder, Everlane): Does “Sustainability” Need a Rebrand?

In a world of fast fashion and fleeting trends, San Francisco-based Everlane has emerged as a beacon of ethical elegance, redefining the industry with its commitment to transparency, sustainability, and style. At the heart of this groundbreaking brand is its visionary founder, Michael Preysman, whose mission to revolutionize the way we consume and think about […]

Barbora Samieian (Co-founder, Sundays): Is Vancouver a Hotbed for Talent, or What?

Barbora Samieian is the co-founder of SUNDAYS, a Vancouver-based e-commerce brand that’s revolutionizing the furniture industry. The first of our Bold Conversations series (presented by Veuve Clicquot) to be recorded on the road, we headed to Vancouver and gathered a group of the city’s leaders at the Carlino (located inside the Shangri-La Hotel) for this […]

Dr. George Soleas (CEO, LCBO): How to Embrace the Spirit of Lifelong Learning

George Soleas is the President and CEO of the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO), one of the world’s most influential forces in the world of spirits. In this special live recording of Mission Critical Live: The Bold Conversations (presented by Veuve Clicquot), George chats with Lance and shares his extraordinary journey from a refugee […]

Coco Rocha (Model): Lessons from the Catwalk on Success, Self-Advocacy, and Mentorship

Over the years, society has had to reckon with much-needed change in order to build a more equitable future. Like many other cultural institutions, the fashion industry has not been quick to change. Thankfully, there are those within the ecosystem who have pushed for progress by empowering others and embracing innovation. At the forefront of […]

GLORY Features: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Cybersecurity with Leigh Tynan

In GLORY Features, we’re expanding our podcast to bring you more guests and their expert advice on what small business owners, entrepreneurs, and leaders should know, today. In this episode, host Lance Chung sits down with Leigh Tynan, Director of Online Security at TELUS. Tynan brings her wealth of experience to the table, offering a […]

Jens Grede (CEO, SKIMS): How to Build a Celebrity-Driven Legacy Brand

You may know SKIMS for its celebrity co-founder, Kim Kardashian, but are you aware of its other co-founder? On this episode of Mission Critical, SKIMS CEO and co-founder Jens Grede joins Lance to talk about his fascinating entrepreneurial journey, his experience working with Kim, and the evolution of the celebrity-driven brand. Here’s what you can […]