Barbora Samieian is the co-founder of SUNDAYS, a Vancouver-based e-commerce brand that’s revolutionizing the furniture industry. The first of our Bold Conversations series (presented by Veuve Clicquot) to be recorded on the road, we headed to Vancouver and gathered a group of the city’s leaders at the Carlino (located inside the Shangri-La Hotel) for this week’s episode.

Barbora is no stranger to the world of entrepreneurship. She’s the visionary behind not one, but two successful ventures beyond SUNDAYS: FIELD & SOCIAL and RIDE CYCLE CLUB, both of which have flourished into multi-location businesses. But her journey didn’t start there. Before embarking on her entrepreneurial path, Barbora worked at the United Nations Headquarters in New York and devoted her time to the non-profit sector in Vancouver, all after completing her graduate degree in International Development from the University of Cambridge.

Born in Slovakia and moving to Vancouver at the age of twelve, Barbora’s passion for community involvement and her commitment to championing women in business has been an integral part of her life’s story.

In this episode, Barbora joins Lance to talk about the intricacies of her entrepreneurial journey, her mission to create sanctuaries through SUNDAYS, her time working at the United Nations, and why Vancouver has become a hotbed for entrepreneurial talent. You’ll gain insights into the mind of a passionate entrepreneur and discover how her diverse experiences have shaped her into the inspiring leader she is today.