In a world of fast fashion and fleeting trends, San Francisco-based Everlane has emerged as a beacon of ethical elegance, redefining the industry with its commitment to transparency, sustainability, and style. At the heart of this groundbreaking brand is its visionary founder, Michael Preysman, whose mission to revolutionize the way we consume and think about fashion has captured the hearts of consumers around the globe.

What sets Everlane apart is its radical commitment to transparency. Unlike traditional fashion brands that conceal supply chains, Everlane proudly showcases the entire journey of its products, from sourcing of raw materials to the factories where the garments are made. Through their website, customers can explore the stories behind each product, learn about a factory’s fair labour practices, and even see the true cost of production alongside the retail price.

In this episode, Lance and Michael sit down to talk about how his journey building Everlane into a major fashion influence, what’s wrong with the world of “sustainability”, and the power of optimism in business.