How Theragun Can Help Reinvigorate Your Work From Home Experience


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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Ease discomfort. Soothe tightness and tension. Stay productive, stress- and pain-free while you work from home.

Between back-to-back video calls and the not-so-ergonomic desk setups, working from home has certainly placed new and unexpected demands on the body.

You need to fight the temptation to stay in your pajamas all day and get yourself dressed, stick to a routine., and effectively schedule yourself.

You need a space to help you focus — one built for productivity, not just comfort. 

You need to get outside and to take breaks.

You know all this. And though these tips worked well through 2020 and we abided by them going into 2021, as we celebrate our second (and hopefully last) quote-unquote COVID Christmas, we’re delivering one last tool to completely reinvigorate your work from home experience.

Therabody, a global trailblazer in wellness technology, has combined education, innovation, and over a decade of development within the tech wellness space, to make that elevated approach more accessible for you.

Enter the Theragun: their world-leading percussive therapy device, used by physical therapists, trainers, chiropractors, celebrities and athletes, as well as over 250 professional sports teams worldwide.

Designed to soothe sore muscles both before and after intense workouts, percussion therapy is a type of rhythmic massage. It favours a massage gun to pummel your soft muscle tissue with rapid striking motions. Percussion therapy itself increases blood flow for faster recovery, pain relief and improved range of motion. It can even boost your range of motion and help prevent delayed-onset muscle soreness.

As the pioneer in percussive massage therapy, Therabody proudly presents a range of cutting-edge products, each prioritizing proprietary technology to provide natural wellness solutions for everyone, including those still trying to master the art of the work from home environment.

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