6 Apps to Emphasize Everyday Anti-Racism and Social Justice

By Madison Dolman

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]One of the greatest developments in technology thus far has been the creation of mobile apps. They allow us to stay connected to a world outside of our immediate purview and expand our horizons. And while the potential social impact of such applications might seem trivial, it’s hard to ignore their potential. Today, users can enjoy constant access to educational tools, particularly in the nuanced realm of anti-racism. In an age when information is so universally-accessible, remaining blind to Black history and obstacles to equality has become inexcusable. Fortunately, there are tools to help guide your education and advocacy.

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As a way to honour Black History Month and the importance of knowledge, we’ve crafted a list of six apps to emphasize everyday anti-racism and social justice. While these practices need to be acknowledged year long, each app positions us to see patterns from the past that might otherwise be invisible in the present. Through these six apps, we’re able to integrate compassion into our daily lives and educate ourselves on peoples’ behaviour, emotions, and lifestyles. Some of the apps listed are interactive, allowing users to uncover stories tucked away in history. Others are catered towards gamers, where you’ll participate in a virtual reality quest to understand diversity and gauge different perspectives from minority groups about the way they live. 

Considering there’s an app built for everyone and everything, it’s time that educational apps be recognized, particularly those being used to reclaim truth and social justice for the Black community.
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