Angel Investor on the Best Toronto Restaurants to Host Business Meetings

By Arati Sharma

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Toronto’s known for its incredible restaurants, bars, and cute coffee shops, with new spots opening almost every week. And with so much choice, the search for the right place for business meetings with people in different industries can be challenging (and time-consuming).

I spent nearly a decade at Jet Cooper and Shopify hosting dinners and events, and more recently while building Backbone Angels and Ghlee, have been spending more time in smaller one-on-ones at coffee shops and brunch spots. I really believe that the environment you’re in can make or break deals, direct conversation, and set the tone for the type of business meeting you’re going to have. With that being said, I’m happy to share all my go-to’s in Toronto, for every type of meeting.

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Arati Sharma is an entrepreneur, angel investor, and technology leader based in Toronto, Canada. She is the Founding Partner of Backbone Angels, an investor collective led by women executives from Shopify.

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