How Elevation Pictures’ Laurie May is Championing Diverse Stories on Screen

Laurie May portrait. She has long brown hair and a slight smirk against a light grey background.

In a landscape where diversity in storytelling is both sought after and celebrated, Laurie May has long been a guiding force that continues to shape the narrative voice of the film industry. As co-founder and co-president of Elevation Pictures, a Canadian distribution and production company, May’s vision has always been to make an impact by […]

Got a Problem? A Woman Entrepreneur Can Solve It

Four women sitting on a couch and embracing each other. They are wearing shades of creme, brown, and light green and smiling into the camera.

The old adage, “If you want something done, ask a busy person,” takes on a new meaning when that person is a woman. These leaders are a testament to the core tenets of entrepreneurship and innovation, bringing a level of creativity and problem-solving to their respective industries to create solutions. They’ve embraced the challenge of […]

Mid-Day Squares’ Lezlie Karls is Rewriting the Brand Playbook

Black and white side profile of Lezlie Karls. She is wearing a checkered blazer with a side-part hair style and MDS in white on top of her hair.

Step into the weird, wild, and wonderful world of Mid-Day Squares, a Canadian trailblazer poised for a groundbreaking 2024. Lezlie Karls leads the charge alongside co-founders Jake Karls (her brother) and Nick Saltarelli (her husband) with a vision that transcends traditional snacking.   Billed on their website as, “Everything a chocolate bar isn’t, everything a […]

Yvette Wu: How Women Founders Can Combat The Biases They Face In Pitch Rooms

Illustration of a hand holding a woman in business attire with her hands on her hips against a red background

The first quarter in 2023 may have performed better than economists predicted, but for women founders, it was still a loss. According to PitchBook, companies with all women-founded teams raised a mere 2.1%, of the estimated $37 billion invested in US startups. As a Vancouver-based woman founder, who raised a pre-seed round at this time, […]

Sasha Exeter is What Every CMO is Looking For

Sasha Exeter posed in front of a blue glass background. She is turned slightly sideways and looking at the camera.

The Creators is an editorial series presented by Glory Professional that focuses on the career paths, strategies, and tactical advice of today’s most compelling social media entrepreneurs. Sasha Exeter is not new to content creation, having started her career in 2012 after a life-altering event. Bedridden and facing the unwelcome redirection of her life, Exeter […]

Comeback Snacks’ Emily O’Brien is All About Second Chances

Hollywood loves a redemption story and anti-heroes are de rigueur, but what if your life was like a movie? What if your life was the redemption arc? That’s what happened to Emily O’Brien who was arrested in 2016 at the age of 26 for drug smuggling. O’Brien pleaded guilty and was handed the federal mandatory […]