Bertani Wines: Guardians of Amarone’s Rich Heritage and Future

“Since you love Italian red wines, have you tried Amarone?”   Amarone della Valpolicella is a prestigious Italian wine crafted using the ancient technique of air-drying grapes. Its name, translating to ‘Great Bitter’ in Italian, distinguishes it from the sweeter Recioto of the same region. Produced mainly from Corvina, Corvinone, and Rondinella grapes in Valpolicella […]

Precious Achiuwa on Leaving Toronto and His Newfound Passion for Collecting Wine

Precious Achiuwa smiling and seated inside a wine cellar with a glass of red wine

In the modern landscape of sports, it’s hard to imagine athletes having demanding hobbies outside of their job. They are constantly training and practicing, and modern technology has given them the opportunity to fine tune their skills in every other capacity. Fortunately for Precious Achiuwa, he finds time to focus on the thing that he […]

Jaguar Canada Hosts Second Vine & Dine Event In British Columbia

Earlier this week Jaguar Canada continued its summer series with a media and influencer event to spotlight the final year of the Jaguar F-TYPE and F-PACE models in anticipation of its electric transformation. The ‘Vine & Dine’ soirée, orchestrated by Roxstar Entertainment, unfolded at Abbotsford’s Cannon Estate Winery. Hosted by content creator and man about […]

GLORY Media and Jaguar Celebrate Vine and Dine Summer Soiree

Dorian Who wearing a white dress, oversized sunglasses and a straw broad-brimmed hat against a backdrop of vineyards

On a perfect summer afternoon, GLORY Media and Jaguar hosted the first of their two-part ‘Vine & Dine’ summer soiree series at the picturesque Adamo Estate Winery. Located a short 45-minute drive from Toronto, guests made their way to the estate where they were greeted by a fleet of Jaguar vehicles on display. Attendees were […]

Can I Have That Job? Christopher Sealy, Master Sommelier

Mean in white t-shirt and glasses sitting on a wooden apple box with legs crossed and arms grasped.

What does it take to be a captain of industry? To be the best at what you do while also loving every minute of it? In our new series Can I Have Your Job?, we explore the career paths of today’s most interesting professionals, asking them for sage career advice and how they got the […]

13 Canadian Wines You Should Try

Canada is a huge country with a variety of biodiversity that makes every region unique from the others. Although typically overlooked, this very fact distinguishes Canadian wines and vineyards from others around the world. The array of land produces distinct flavours and award-winning wines that have been recognized globally.  With every wine region producing such […]