6 Sustainable Brands Who Make Every Day Earth Day

A graphic of two people holding the earth to represent earth day and sustainable canadian brands

With each year, the movement for eco-friendly brands continues to pick up steam. Though Earth Day may put the spotlight on these efforts, these sustainable brands make taking steps to protect the planet a year-round commitment. From sustainable leather to eliminating plastic from a household staple, these six companies are leading the innovation of environmentally […]

Entrepreneur of the Week: Outland Denim CEO, James Bartle, on the Importance of Business with Integrity

Outland Denim

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_separator color=”black”][vc_column_text]The realities of fast fashion on the environment and the lives of millions of factory workers who produce copious amounts of clothing has become increasingly more visible. Of the many brands dedicating themselves to being trailblazers of change is Outland Denim, emerging as a giant. Built on tradition, the fashion industry is based on […]

Lost and Found in New York

As told by Mackenzie Belcastro DESIGNER PEGGY SUE IS KNOWN FOR PUSHING THE SUSTAINABLE FASHION INDUSTRY FORWARD. This year, she was nominated for a 2018 CAFA Fashion Impact Award. In 2017, she won the Design Forward Sustainable Fashion Award. Here, the story of how her first “fast fashion” job in Manhattan fuelled her passion for sustainability. Living Hard I landed […]