6 Watches That Master the Blend of Jewellery and Function


Watches moved beyond the status of a practical timekeeping tool relatively recently (since the dawn of the mobile phone), however the overlap between high jewellery and watchmaking for women has existed for well over a century. Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Breguet, and others have all famously created high jewellery pocket and pendant watches for ages, […]

Art Mogul: Marla Wasser, President of Pursuits

Exploring the intersection of culture and art through the lens of luxury jewellery brand, Carrera y Carrera. Written by Jordana Colomby Photography by Francisco Gracia On Marla: Ruedo Collection De Luces pendant and earrings; Bestiary Collection Tiger ring. In the late 1970’s, Manuel Carrera, great-grandson of Carrera y Carrera founder Saturio Esteban Carrera, created an […]