The Antidepressant Tapering Platform Outro is Here to Help

Photo of two people sitting in a grassy field. The logo for the Antidepressant tapering company Outro is superimposed on the image.

To mark mental health awareness month, co-founders of Outro, the antidepressant tapering platform, discussed their newly launched business with the team at Glory Professional. Getting off antidepressants is a surprisingly difficult task that many people underestimate or are completely unaware of. At Outro, the team aims to guide their customers through this path to make […]

Startup Spotlight: Felix is Making Healthcare More Accessible (And Comfortable)

Felix Health

While many businesses have suffered immeasurable economic damage in the wake of COVID-19, other companies and industries have seen a surge in activity and growth, like those in healthcare and video conferencing. Felix is a virtual healthcare company that was born in the months before Coronavirus, and may emerge from the rubble as a leader […]

Sunnybrook launches new “I’m Possible” campaign


Sunnybrook is making the impossible, possible. Written by Jordana Colomby On April 13, Sunnybrook Hospital announced their new campaign showcasing the lives of those who work at the frontlines of healthcare. Ron Haviv and Christopher Morris, internationally-renowned combat photographers and photojournalists, spent seven days in the hospital to get an authentic look at life in Sunnybrook. […]