The Power 50: Canada’s Most Impactful Companies 2021

Our 2021 Power 50 guide showcases a group of game-changing companies that are redefining their respective industries to be more resilient, efficient, and thoughtful. From providing pandemic relief to supporting underrepresented communities, these companies (and the people who are leading them) understand what it means to build a company and community in Canada.

Navigating an Uncertain Future for Businesses in 2021

Canadian small business

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]2020 showed us how quickly the world can change. In just a few months, the global pandemic transformed the way we live, work, shop, and connect with each other. With a continued focus on public health and as many of us adapt to restrictions in place across Canada, we must brace ourselves for another year […]

Facebook’s $100M Small Business Grants Program is Now Open in Canada

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It’s no surprise that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a catastrophic impact on the business community. In Canada, a whopping 99.8 percent of businesses are small- to medium-sized companies (SMBs)—the backbone of our economy and among the hardest hit in the economic shutdown. Looking to lend a helping hand, tech giant Facebook recently launched a […]