Lightemotion works at creating more than a brightly lit room

By Marjan Asadullah

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We believe in supporting Canadian products, not for the sake of it, but because our nation boasts some of the finest brands and designers in the world. This light design company uses architect emotion with technical precision to promote wellbeing and relaxation.

Lightemotion, a lighting design consultancy which uses architect emotion along with technical precision while promoting wellbeing and relaxation, has been a brand that shines through. It is also a key contributor in showcasing Canadian creativity both locally and globally. Since being founded by François Roupinian in 2002—who even as a teenager used to design and build light fixtures out of concrete—Lightemotion has created a brand and a diverse team that designs the perfect lighting and leave a lasting impression.

“We have a very strong design approach here at Lightemotion,” said Roupinian.“We have a very eclectic team that come from different backgrounds and experiences. This enriches the design process of our projects and gives the edge to our client to have the possibilities of different flavours and approaches that serves well the international market.”

Lightemotion founder François Roupinian

The company motto isWe design with our heart not our ego” as they cater to create the “best experience” and tailor every design with their client in mind and its objectives.

With three studios and projects across five continents with their main office in Montreal, Toronto, and a small studio in Paris that has the important role of creating the liaison with Middle Eastern and Asian projects, the company’s success lies in its innovative designs, with a 95 percent returning client business.

Lightemotion has previously worked to design the lighting for the Train World railway museum in Brussels, the MGM Park Theatre in Las Vegas and the Saks Food Hall by Pusateri’s in Toronto.

In the latest creation by Lightemotion, it took up the challenge of designing the lighting of the food court at Union Station, Toronto’s rail transit hub, which was the result of over four years of research and hard work and opened to the public on November 26, 2018.

The next phase of the project, in which Lightemotion is also involved, is the Fresh Market and the common areas, which are scheduled to open soon.

Union Station Food Hall

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