What To Get Your Clients: Nui Studio’s Mygdal Plant Lamps


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The tiny, self-contained ecosystems that can light up the whole room.

Written by Jordana Colomby

Art meets nature with Nui studio’s Mygdal Plantlight. The self-supporting miniature ecosystem breathes life into the smallest of spaces. Whether they’re filled with herbs, dwarf fruits, or flowers, these gorgeous terrariums add some much-needed charm to any office or dwelling space.

No windows, no watering, and no care needed; the tiny, functional green spaces grow completely on their own. It’s sustainability without responsibility. By replacing the sun with low-powered LED lights, the plants are able to photosynthesize, and are constantly cared for by the cycle of condensation and evaporation within the hermetically-sealed jar. It’s the ideal solution for people with busy, on-the-go lives.

Handcrafted in Germany, the Mygdal Plantlight pays homage to the art of glassmaking. The lush little gardens are placed inside mouth-blown glass jars, and finished with aluminium necks and corks. Nui Studio, its maker, aims to create revolutionary products while remaining timeless. We’d say mission accomplished in this case.