Co-founder of Hallowed Grounds, Caroline Torti, talks about her passion of dance and taking a step into entrepreneurship

In this weekly series, we profile entrepreneurs approaching the top of their game, and ask them how they got there. A professional choreographer and a creative director, Caroline Torti co-created Hallowed Ground—a digital platform for choreographers.  From an outsider’s’ perspective, it might seem like being a professional choreographer and creative director is always fun. Behind the scenes however, the job […]

Vicki Saunders on helping female-led companies change the world

Vicki Saunders

SheEO is a global initiative geared towards transforming how female-led businesses are financed and supported, with an emphasis on creating positive change in both business and the world. Written by Holly Walker After learning that only four percent of venture capital and only one of every $23 loaned by a financial institution went to female […]

Nadège Nourian is redefining the bakery experience in Canada

Nadège Nourian has faced many obstacles being both a female chef and business owner. She combined her refined pastry skills, European flare and innate business acumen to create Nadège, an inviting, magenta-hued patisserie. Nourian is a woman who believes that “the limit of a business is only the limit of the person.”

These twin sisters create childrens’ clothing out of textile waste

Alex and Lindsay Lorusso are the dynamic twin duo who started Nudnik, a children’s clothing company that manufactures bright, colourful garments from fabrics originally headed for the landfill. Written by Alison Joutsi Photograph of of Alex and Lindsay Lorusso by Jenna Marie Wakani Here, they discuss waste management, sustainability, and how fashion can create real change. […]

Lexi Miles is building a luxury wax empire for people on the go

Lexi Miles is redefining the waxing experience through her successful business, Waxon, a high-end wax bar that offers quality services at an affordable price. Written by Alison Joutsi Miles started her career as a consultant where her work involved a busy travel schedule. After seeing the wax services offering on the other side of the […]

Linda Stephenson Talks About The Benefits of Studying Sciences


Linda Stephenson, Chemist turned Cosmetic Entrepreneur, is encouraging more women to pursue STEM courses. Written by Alison Joutsi After graduating with a Chemistry degree from the University of Toronto, and working at Johnson & Johnson, MAC Cosmetics and Estee Lauder, Linda Stephenson noticed a gap in the skincare market. And now, she is inspiring more […]