Power Couples: Chad Falkenberg and Kelly Reynolds

Chad Falkenberg and Kelly Reynolds sitting on a photoset. One is on a stool and the other is on a chair.

In a creative industry, visions can be grand and perfection can be subjective. When adding love into the mix, there is plenty of room for things to go awry. For Chad Falkenberg and Kelly Reynolds, their perspectives and synergy are what makes them the incredible duo that they are, building an award-winning west-coast Canadian interior […]

Power Couples: Arati Sharma and Satish Kanwar

Black and white photo of Arati Sharmi seated next to Satish Kanwar for a portrait session. She is dressed in a voluminous ball gown and he is in a tuxedo.

In the Canadian tech world, Arati Sharma and Satish Kanwar are mainstays. Ex-Shopify executives, the couple have both dove head-first into venture capital. Collectively, the couple has invested in companies like Arrae, Sidia, Formula Fig, Ada, and 1Password via their firm, Good Future, as well as via Sharma’s involvement with Backbone Angels. With the couple’s […]