Brooke Lynn Hytes: Why Drag Matters Now More Than Ever

Brooke Lynn Hytes wearing a red wig against satin draping.

In the sequined, high-camp world of drag, few names shine as brightly as Brooke Lynn Hytes. From her transformative experience on RuPaul’s Drag Race to her burgeoning media empire as host of Canada’s Drag Race, she has not only captivated audiences with her stunning performances but has also become a beacon of queer visibility.   […]

Piper Gilles: How the Olympic Champion Turned Adversity Into Advocacy

In the high-pressure world of competitive figure skating, Canadian Olympian Piper Gilles has carved out a name for herself not only through her artistry and athleticism but also through her resilience and advocacy.    Beyond the rink, Gilles is a vocal advocate for women’s health, turning her personal battle into a mission to inspire and […]

How Frizz + Co. CEO Daphné Eastmond Went from CPA to “Best Hair Day”

Black and white image of Daphné Eastmond in a denim shirt and jeans sitting on a stool and looking into the camera.

Entrepreneurship is rarely a straight line. Many founders started in very different careers before eventually landing in their area of expertise. This is no different for Daphné Eastmond, the Montreal-based founder of Frizz + Co., a line of hair care specifically made with textured hair in mind. As a Chartered Professional Accountant, Eastmond had worked […]

Mallory Greene is Reinventing Our Rituals Around Death

Black and white photo of Eirene CEO Mallory Greene wearing a black tunic and leaning back against a chair.

Mallory Greene is the visionary founder reshaping the deathtech landscape with Eirene Cremations. Eirene disrupts traditional funeral practices, providing a digital-first approach to end-of-life services through the lens of empathy. Greene’s mission is to offer transparency, accessibility, and eco-conscious alternatives, challenging the norms of the funeral industry and dispeling the notion that families must follow […]

Mid-Day Squares’ Lezlie Karls is Rewriting the Brand Playbook

Black and white side profile of Lezlie Karls. She is wearing a checkered blazer with a side-part hair style and MDS in white on top of her hair.

Step into the weird, wild, and wonderful world of Mid-Day Squares, a Canadian trailblazer poised for a groundbreaking 2024. Lezlie Karls leads the charge alongside co-founders Jake Karls (her brother) and Nick Saltarelli (her husband) with a vision that transcends traditional snacking.   Billed on their website as, “Everything a chocolate bar isn’t, everything a […]

Ones to Watch: 8 Canadian Entrepreneurs Expecting a Big 2024


Canada is home to world-class entrepreneurs and companies that are redefining the way we think and do business. In our ever-evolving panorama of innovation, the possibilities to build truly gamechanging enterprises and make an impact are endless. In our first GLORY Ones to Watch guide, we’ve assembled a group of leaders who are poised for […]